Self-Insurance Council Agenda

February 13, 2002
GEF - 1
Room B 105
Madison, WI

- Revised -




10:00 AM Call to order of Special Session

(Informational Hearing Cancelled by Employer)

Review and approval of previous minutes.



10:15 AM Review employer specific excess levels and

surety bond issues.

11:00 AM Review Financials of Self-Insured Employers

11:30 AM Lunch & review communications received

12 Noon Report on Self-Insured Employers Liability Funds [122.28(8)]


1:00 PM Department Proposals

Require specific excess insurance for everyone

Discuss disclosures in application packet.

2:00 PM Self-Insurer focus group formation

2:15 PM Schedule next meeting date (late March- Mondays)

2:30 PM Adjourn


Note: The times, agenda items and order of items on the agenda are tentative and subject to change without further notice. If you have any questions, please call Mike Tomsyck at (608) 266-8961.


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