Employer Unemployment Resources

- UI News -

* Claimant Automated Telephone Filing System will be Retired in 2017 -- Coming Soon

* Lower Tax Rate Schedule for 2017 Rates

* Unemployment Newsletter for Employers

* Changes to Reserve Fund Statements

* Work Search and Registration Waiver Changes - Employer Verification

* Plain Language Tax Information and Computation of Reserve Percentages

* Next Quarterly Report/Wage Report Filing Due Date: May 1, 2017

Employer Online Services

  1. File Tax and Wage Reports
  2. Payment Options or Manage EFT Account
  3. Billing Detail (view amount due and make payment)
  4. Employer UI Account Information (view or update)
  5. Report Newly Hired Employees
  6. Complete UCB-719 Urgent Request for Wages Online
  7. New Employer Registration (apply for a new UI Account Number)
  8. Voluntary Contribution Calculator
    • For use during voluntary contribution period; mid October through November
  9. Respond Electronically to UI Forms (SIDES)

From the Handbook for Employers

Who We Are

Wisconsin's Tax and Accounting Bureau collects, controls, and accounts for flow of funds into and out of the UI program; establishes tax liability; maintains employer accounts for taxes paid; collects unpaid UI employer taxes and benefit overpayments.

DWD's Unemployment Insurance program provides a safety net to eligible workers and their families during times of unemployment. The UI program is financed through employer contributions (taxes).