Appeal an Unemployment Insurance Determination Online

This form may ONLY be used to appeal an Unemployment Insurance DETERMINATION.

This form may NOT be used to appeal:

The online appeal form may not be used for inquiries. Hearing offices cannot respond to them. If you failed to appear for an unemployment insurance hearing and want to request another hearing, you must mail, fax or bring your request and explanation to the hearing office listed on your notice of hearing or decision.

After you click the SUBMIT button, you should see a confirmation page. Your appeal is not filed until you see this confirmation page. If you do NOT see the confirmation page, or you are for any other reason unable to complete this electronic filing process, you must mail, fax, or deliver your appeal in person.

You should print and keep a copy of the confirmation page. If there is a question about whether or when you filed an appeal, you may be asked to produce a copy of that confirmation page. If you are appealing more than one determination, you must file a separate appeal to each determination. On the confirmation page, click 'Yes' to the question, "Would you like to file another appeal?"

If you have not already submitted documents to the department that you want considered in your appeal, please send them immediately to the hearing office listed on the back side of the DETERMINATION.

Immediately start preparing for a hearing since hearing notices may be mailed only 6 days prior to the scheduled hearing.

File an Appeal Online

Please Note: If you are using a screen reader, you cannot complete an online appeal. This appeal form contains a CAPTCHA image which a screen reader cannot recognize. Please mail, fax, or deliver your appeal in person.

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