Notice of Meeting

Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Time: 09:30 a.m.
Place: Wisconsin Department of Administration
St. Croix Room (first floor)
101 East Wilson Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Council Members: Please bring your calendars to schedule future meetings.

Council Web Site:


  1. Opening remarks – Hal Bergan
  2. UI Treasurer's Financial Statements (yellow)
  3. Unemployment Reserve Fund

  5. Minutes of Meetings September 1, 2009 (blue)
  6. Advisory Council Committee Recommendations Regarding Definition of “Employee”
    1. Improve seven-of-ten test for “employee”
    2. Repeal DWD 105 (Truckers)
    3. Repeal DWD 107 (Loggers)
  7. Advisory Council Recommendations Regarding Definition of “Employment”
    1. Exclude from “employment” personal care services for family
    2. Review mystery shoppers
    3. Review writers and news reporters
  8. Department proposals for changes to the unemployment insurance law, Wis. Stat. Chapter 108, presented at previous meetings
  9. Department proposal D09-21 – Authorize Spending of Special Administrative Transfers
  10. Department proposal D09 - 22 – Amend Approved Training and Extended Training
  11. UI Bill: LRB Draft 3069/5
  12. Department proposal to revise DWD 128, Able to Work and Available for Work
  13. Department proposal to revise DWD 129, Benefit Claiming Procedures
  14. Letters to the Council (white)

Some or all of the Council members may attend the meeting by telephone. This location is handicap accessible. If you have other special needs (such as an interpreter or written materials in large print), please contact Robin Gallagher, Phone: (608) 267-1405, Unemployment Insurance Division, Bureau of Legal Affairs, P.O. Box 8942, Madison, WI 53708. Hearing and speech impaired callers may reach us at the above phone number through WI TRS (or TDD/Voice Relay 1-800-947-3529.)

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