Why Is This Employer Involved?

A claimant does not get to choose who they are claiming benefits from.

When a claim is filed, many issues may affect the claimant’s eligibility and must be investigated when they arise.  Additionally, which employers are charged and how much they are charged is dependent on the issue involved, the number of other employers in the claimant’s base period and the claimant’s base period wages.

So for example, let’s say you worked 10 years for XYZ Corporation and were laid off of work three months ago.  XYZ Corp. is not disputing your eligibility for benefits based upon your separation of employment with them.

After the layoff, you started working for ABC Corporation.  ABC discharged you and you filed a claim for benefits.  At the time you filed the claim, ABC is not in your base period and would not be charged for any current benefits.

However, if your discharge from ABC was for misconduct, you would not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits until seven weeks after your discharge and until you earned 14 times your weekly benefit rate in subsequent covered wages. 

Further, if your discharge was determined to be for misconduct, ABC Corp. would not be charged in the future if you requalified for benefits and filed again at a later time when ABC Corp. fell within a future base period.

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