How Do I Appeal?

When you receive the determination from the department, it will indicate at the bottom the date by which an appeal must be received or postmarked in order to be considered timely.

An appeal must be in writing.

To appeal you can write to the department stating that you are appealing a determination.  The appeal must be mailed, hand-delivered or faxed to a hearing office or unemployment insurance office. You may also appeal on line at

The appeal should clearly identify the party making the appeal.   It is helpful if you include your name, social security number (if you are the claimant), the employer’s name, the location where the work was performed, and the identifying number of the determination that you are appealing.

Some parties find it easiest to write, "I am appealing this decision" at the bottom of the determination, sign their name, and then send or deliver the document to a hearing office.   Remember to keep a copy of the written appeal for your records.

While it is not absolutely necessary that you detail the reasons for your appeal in the appeal itself, some information about the grounds for your appeal helps the hearing office determine the amount of time needed for your hearing.

CAUTION: The department may have issued more than one determination that is not favorable to you.  Each determination has its own appeal deadline. Your written appeal should be as specific as possible regarding the precise determination(s) you are appealing.

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