What Happens At A Hearing?

Unemployment insurance hearings are public hearings, and interested members of the public may attend and observe hearings.

The hearing begins with the introduction of the hearing record, appearances and an explanation of the procedures.  The issue for the hearing is explained and parties are asked brief position statements. 

Testimony is taken under oath or affirmation, in order of burden of proof.  Each party has the right to question their own witnesses (direct examination), the other party’s witnesses (cross-examination), and any departmental witness who might be called to testify.

Documents and other evidence may be marked as exhibits and, if those exhibits are received into evidence, the exhibits may be considered by the administrative law judge together with the testimony in making a decision.

The administrative law judge is responsible for controlling the hearing process and may make rulings about evidence.  After both parties have had an opportunity to present the evidence, the hearing is closed.

The administrative law judge will issue a written decision thereafter.

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