When Will I Receive My First Payment?

When to Expect Your Payment

Do not expect to receive your benefit payments on the same day or within the same amount of time each week.

No Payment or Explanation within 7 days of filing?


If you do not receive a payment (or an explanation for not receiving a payment) within 7 days of filing a weekly claim certification, you should first use the Online Inquiry Application OR call the Automated Inquiry System (select Menu Option 1) to find out if a check has been issued.

If a check was NOT issued:

If a check WAS issued:

Cashing Your Own Checks

Only you can endorse and cash your benefit checks. Never endorse the check until you cash it.

Lost or Stolen Checks

If you lose your UI check or if it is stolen, call a Claims Specialist. It takes at least 60 days after filing an inquiry about a lost or stolen check to receive a replacement check, with some exceptions.

Notice Regarding Availability of Checks

The department is phasing out the use of paper checks. Beginning July 18, 2013, if you file a new claim or re-open a current but inactive claim, you can receive payment either by direct deposit or Visa pre-paid debit card, as explained below.

Electronic Payment Options

You have the option of receiving your unemployment benefits by:

Learn more about enrolling in these payment method options.

Changing Your Address

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