Part 1: Security Credentials, Social Security Number (SSN) and Your Address

There are two ways to file your claim; online and by telephone.

If you file online using Internet benefit services you must create a username and password before you can access the services. Your username and password will be used to identify you. If you forget your username and/or password, change them immediately following instructions online.

If you file by telephone you must create a PIN. A PIN is a 4-digit number you make up before you apply. Your pin will be used to to allow you to access telephone claim services. If you forget your PIN you should change that information immediately by calling one of the initial claim application telephone numbers and pressing “4”.

Your PIN, username and password (hereafter referred to as security credentials) and your social security number (SSN) will be used to identify you and must be used when accessing your account by telephone or online.

Create security credentials that you will remember but are hard for others to guess. Do not give your security credentials to ANYONE.

You are responsible for all claims filed and all information given to this department using your security credentials and social security number.

If you give your security credentials and/or SSN to another person, or fail to take adequate measures to protect them from use by another person, you are strictly liable to the department for any erroneously paid benefits as a result of such actions and you will be required to repay the benefits.

If you believe someone else knows your security credentials, you must change them immediately, or you shall be strictly liable to the department for any erroneously paid benefits.

Your Correct Address

It is very important that we have your correct mailing address. We will send you important documents and instructions after you file your claim. If your mail is not delivered to you, your eligibility may be affected or your benefit payments may be delayed.

Updated: March 30, 2016

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