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Welcome to the website of the Wisconsin Labor and Industry Review Commission.

LIRC is an independent administrative agency which decides appeals in cases involving Unemployment  Insurance (UI),  Worker's Compensation (WC), and  Equal Rights (ER).

Information available at this website includes:  

In Brief - 

ER decisions uploaded 04/18

UI decisions uploaded 03/19

WC decisions from Oct 2013 thru Feb 2014 uploaded 03/12

2013 statistics available

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What's New at LIRC and the LIRC website

* March 20, 2014 -- 2013 Statistics, providing information about appeals to and disposition by the commission of cases in calendar year 2013, are now available at this website.


* February 12, 2014 -- As a result of a change made by the Department of Workforce Development, on whose servers LIRC's website is currently maintained, LIRC has been required to shift to a different type of search engine for pages at our website. 

DWD decided to move to a "Google Search Appliance" ("GSA") search engine.  This will affect the process of searching for decisions through our  UI decision search,   WC decision search  and  ER decision search  pages,  as well as our whole-site search  page.  Users will find that as a result of this change, there are significant changes in the way queries are allowed/required to be worded.  This includes, but is not limited to, a different default treatment of multiple words in series (previously treated as a phrase, now treated as words joined by an AND operator, with phrases created by use of quote marks),  loss of the ability to "nest" phrases,  and the loss of the "wild card" feature.  

For more information, please refer to the search pages mentioned above.


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