Job Order Policy and Procedures

Reviewed March 2013

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Department of Workforce Development, Division of Employment and Training, Job Service Bureau


This policy document takes effect immediately and is in effect until further notice. This policy document replaces previous Job Order Policy and Procedures documents.

For assistance in answering questions, refer to the Contact Information in Section C of this document.


This document provides direction on Job Center of Wisconsin job order policies and procedures. Use this document as the first source of technical assistance when questions arise regarding official policy or procedures regarding Job Center of Wisconsin job orders. If this document does not answer a job order related question, consult the Job Order Policy Contact listed in Section C this document.

The Job Center of Wisconsin system, built and maintained by DET, is the cornerstone of the labor exchange system in Wisconsin. It is important that accurate job orders are listed on Job Center of Wisconsin so job seekers and employers are connected in a proper and timely fashion. The quality of job orders is especially important now, given our self-service system and the high number of job seekers who use the Internet.

Job seekers and employers must trust the information found on Job Center of Wisconsin. If not, job seekers will resort to other methods of finding employment and employers will go elsewhere to recruit qualified applicants for their job openings. To ensure job order integrity, all job orders will be reviewed by the Job Center of Wisconsin Call Center staff using the Job Order Quality Assurance Program guidelines. Job orders will be verified for accuracy, honesty and compliance with this policy document, quality guidelines, and appropriate labor laws. A quality job order will provide complete, accurate and factual information about the job. It will be written so that the general public can understand the job. Job Center of Wisconsin is a government web site and must be held to the highest standards.

All job orders must:

Job order services will be provided to all bona fide employers engaging in legal business. Job orders that do not comply with this policy will be denied service.

The policies and procedures contained in this document are the job order policies and procedures of the Department of Workforce Development's Division of Employment and Training.

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Job Order Actions Required

Job Service District Directors will work with Workforce Development Board Directors to ensure that:

The following job order policies and procedures are divided into three sections:

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