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Industry Partnerships are formed at the regional level to ensure that employers in key industry sectors can connect with each other, identify shared needs of an industry and work with partners to design new systems that will solve the identified problems.

They help to identify:

  • Employee and skill needs — now and into the future
  • Shared training and other industry needs
  • Modernization and other technology issues
  • Key human resource issues in the industry
  • (cultural, disabilities, mentoring, etc.)
  • Supplier/efficiency issues

Industry leadership is matched with support from multiple partners, including: industry and trade associations, organized labor, workforce development organizations, educational institutions, training providers, economic development groups, community-based organizations, local government agencies, and private foundations.

As a result, Industry Partnerships help employees get the skills they need to grow, and help job seekers connect with the skills they need to secure good paying jobs.

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