Industry Partnerships & Career Pathways

Building Wisconsin's Workforce; Expanding Wisconsin's Economy

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The Department of Workforce Development is at the forefront of Wisconsin's efforts to transform workforce services to meet the needs of the state's 21st Century economy. DWD's goal is to ensure employers have skilled workers and provide workers with career paths. One important way in which DWD is carrying out its mission is through the expansion of Wisconsin Industry Partnerships as well as RISE Career Pathways and Bridges.

Through Industry Partnerships and Career Pathways, we are strengthening Wisconsin's workforce and its economy in the following ways:

  • Grow Wisconsin's regional economies: identify key sectors, facilitate meaningful employer engagement in the workforce development system, align education and training programs with employer needs, create strategies that help businesses prosper in Wisconsin
  • Grow worker's skills: promote education and training programs for workers at all stages in their careers, ensure the workforce is appropriately skilled to help sectors grow and prosper
  • Grow system accountability: improve the effectiveness of Wisconsin's economic and workforce development system, focus diverse organizations on common goals, align resources across programs

Industry Partnerships are about building a responsive education and training system; Career Pathways leverage training so that the labor force has the skills sought by employers. Through our work, we identify the strategies and build the systems that will allow our employers to be confident that their businesses are going to thrive with skilled workers, who feel confident that they will be able to support their families.