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Wisconsin Industry Partnerships Inaugurates Convener Network

The Wisconsin Industry Partnerships held its first "Caucus of Conveners" learning series on October 6, 2010. The two-hour video conference was meant to help with the formation and management of employer-driven partnerships to provide worker training focused on the industry sector and move regional economies forward.

These partnerships included:

  • Engaged employers
  • Unions
  • Educational institutions
  • Community based organizations
  • Economic development entities
  • Funders

Currently, the partnerships are working to develop training opportunities in a range of sectors including:

  • health care
  • advanced manufacturing,
  • construction
  • bio-materials
  • transportation
  • Energy
  • marine manufacturing

The October session generated ideas on how the Network could help busy conveners, such as:

  • sharing curriculum across regions
  • developing a roster of "employer champions" whose businesses and workers have seen real results from industry partnerships
  • establishing a speaker-bank for sectors looking for specific expertise
  • collaborating on useful evaluation measures and data collection

Caucus of Conveners October 6, 2010 Agenda

Caucus of Conveners October 6, 2010 Meeting Summary

The Convener Network group will meet four times annually.
Upcoming dates: January 26, 2011 and April 13, 2011

October 20, 2010

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