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Cross-agency discussion at the Industry Partnerships workshop

The Industry Partnerships and System Reform for State Employees workshop was held in Madison on September 15, 2010. The workshop, a follow-up to the February 2010 workshop, was hosted by DWD and COWS to provide a forum for state agency staff to learn about and discuss the impact of industry partnerships on Wisconsin’s workforce.

Larry Good speaking at podiumThe day started with a presentation by guest speaker and facilitator, Larry Good, co-founder and chairman of CSW, on the rising nationwide movement of regional industry partnerships and career pathways. A Practitioner Panel including Rhandi Berth of WRTP, Ann Franz of NWTC, and Pat Schramm of WDB-SCW shared information about the industry partnership projects in their respective regions. These projects demonstrate the need for cross-agency collaboration through the relationship of industry partnerships to workforce development, economic development, and the development of training and education across the spectrum from K-12 through college-level programs.

Materials from this workshop:

September 15, 2010

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