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Labor leaders gathered to learn about workforce resources

On June 29-30, over 100 labor leaders from across Wisconsin gathered in Madison to discuss ways to better connect with state-level resources to address training and skills challenges. WRTP/BIG STEP and the Labor Education and Training Center of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO hosted the conference, "Workforce Resources for Labor Leaders," in collaboration with Wisconsin Industry Partnerships.

Day One of the event offered a special opportunity for discussion among labor representatives who sit on regional workforce investment boards. The productive discussion culminated in a set of strategies that labor and workforce development professionals can employ to enhance the quantity and quality of labor's involvement on issues of board strategy, state planning, industry partnerships, training development, labor market data and outcomes measurement.

Day Two invited the larger labor community from union locals throughout the state to learn more about accessing the array of resources dedicated to workforce training. They also brainstormed ways to engage collectively in how these resources are formulated and mobilized. Executive leadership from DWD, Wisconsin Industry Partnerships, the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, the WRTP/BIG STEP, and LETC spoke in large and small-group sessions on broad strategy building and program/resource specifics.

All participants in the two-day conference were resoundingly enthusiastic about reconvening the audience on an annual basis to continue to build labor's relationship with the state workforce investment community.

June 30, 2010

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