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Industry Partnerships advance Wisconsin’s economy and strengthen Wisconsin’s workforce

Industry Partnerships are designed to facilitate and build an education and training system that is responsive to and driven by the needs of employers and workers. It goes hand-in-hand with Career Pathways that provide the routes for workers to gain the very skills sought by employers in order to advance in the labor force.

On the national front, Industry Partnerships have shown long-term benefits for both employers and workers. Statistics from participating employers reflect a reduction in employee turnover. Workers participating in sector-related training increase earnings by $2/hour and other participants gained new jobs within targeted sectors.

Here in Wisconsin, Governor Doyle has allocated nearly $3 million in federal funds, and DWD has disbursed $1.7 million in convening and training grants. Real progress has been spurred through strong leadership in the state between DWD, Wisconsin’s Technical College System, Dept. of Public Instruction, Dept. of Commerce, UW-System, UW-Extension and Wis. Assn. of Independent Colleges and Universities along with technical assistance from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy and the generous support of The Joyce Foundation.

All of these efforts result in stronger opportunity for workers, a stronger workforce for employers and a better future for our state.

May 13, 2010

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