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First Wisconsin Industry Partnerships Academy Promotes Inter-Agency Discussion

Staff from multiple state agencies participated in the Wisconsin Industry Partnerships workshop on February 5, 2010 to learn about the implementation of Industry Partnerships in state-wide workforce development. Participants learned about industry partnership best practices from states across the country. Discussions were held on evaluating how this system change at the state level is translated to the processes and people working at the local levels this new model.

National speaker Larry Good, Chairman of the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, provided an introduction to the industry partnerships. A panel of agency leaders consisting of Kathy Cullen of WI Technical College System, Jessica Legois of WI Dept. of Commerce, Deborah Mahaffey of WI Dept. of Public Instruction, and JoAnna Richard of WI Dept. of Workforce Development opened discussion of supporting industry partnership across agencies.

Materials from this workshop:

For more details, contact Anne Rodgers-Rhyme.

February 5, 2010

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