Retaliation Protection For Health Care Workers

Under section 146.997 of Wisconsin statutes, as an employee of a health care facility or provider, you may not be disciplined at work for good faith reporting of:
1. Any potential violations of state or federal law by the health care facility or provider; or
2. Any situation where a potential risk to public health or safey is resulting from a failure to comply with a clinical or ethical standard set by any state or federal rule, regulation, or professionally recognized standard setting body.

Covered reporting includes internal reports to any director, officer or supervisor of the health care facility or provider or reports to an agency or body that accredits, certifies or approves the facility or provider, unless disclosure is prohibited by law.

Victims of unlawful retaliation may file a Retaliation Complaint with the Division within 300 days after the retaliation or threat of retaliation occurred.

Poster - Retaliation Protection For Wisconsin Health Care Workers

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