Protection from Retaliation under the Employee Right to Know About Toxic Chemicals in The Workplace Law

The Law

Section 101.58 to Section 101.595 of the Wisconsin Statutes provides that employers have a responsibility to post notices regarding the toxic substances, infectious agents and pesticides it uses, studies or produces; provides rights to employees to request information regarding those toxic substances, infectious agents and pesticides; gives employees the right to refuse to work if they have made a protected request and have not received the requested information; and provides protection for employees who believe that they have been discharged or otherwise discriminated against because they have exercised their Right to Know.

File a Complaint

An individual can file a complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Complaint Registration Safety and Buildings Division.

Retaliation Protection

If the individual is then retaliated against, they can file a Civil Rights Complaint with the Equal Rights Division of the Department of Workforce Development within 300 days.

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