Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Notice of Public Meetings and Hearings

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Week of June 3 - June 7, 2013

Labor & Industry Review Commission

Where: Wisconsin Public Broadcasting Center
3319 W Beltline Hwy
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: (608) 266-9850

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2013
Time: 9:30 A.M.


Worker's Comp. Cases
Unemployment Insurance Cases
Equal Rights Cases
Closed sessions under Wis. Stat. § 19.85(1)(a)

Other Such Matters That May Come Before the Commission

If Any Questions Please Call Morgan Dixon at 608-266-7958

Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards

East Central Steamfitters’ JAC

Local 400 Training Center
460 W 11th Street.
Fond Du Lac, WI 54935

Date: Monday, June 3, 2013
Time: 4:30 P.M.


  1. Call to Order. This meeting is held in accordance with Wisconsin Open Meetings Laws Requirements
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of October 1, 2012 Minutes
  4. Reports
    1. WTCS
    2. Employee
    3. Employer
    4. BAS

Adjourn to Closed Session

  1. Review Apprentice Reports
    1. Review reports for late July and August
    2. Review Welding Hours Each Month
    3. Review Current employer
    4. Review Unpaid Related Hours
    5. Review Paid Related Instructors Comments
  2. Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunities
  3. Old Business: Review Changes to Local Standards and all other apprentice applications, etc.
  4. New Business
    1. Annual Review
    2. Six Month Interviews
    3. Completion Review
    4. One Year Probationary Review
    5. Apprentice Applicant Interviews
    6. Tentative Indenture Interviews
    7. Special Reviews
  5. Correspondence
  6. Other Business

Reopen Session

Next Meeting Date: To be determined

Adjourn Meeting

For more information please contact Katie Krause 920-734-3148 Ext. 5

Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards

Madison Bricklaying JAC

2125 Commercial Ave
Madison, WI 53704

Date: Monday, June 3, 2013
Time: 5:00 P.M.


  1. Call to Order. This meeting is held in accordance with Wisconsin Open Meetings Laws Requirements
  2. Roll Call
  3. Reading and approval of previous meeting minutes
  4. Reports
    1. BAS
    2. MATC
  5. Old Business
    1. JAC Standards update approved at last meeting
  6. New Business
    1. JAC Selection Procedures update
  7. Affirmative Action Report
  8. Communications
  9. Adjourn

For more information contact Mary Pierce 608-246-7900

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