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DETJ-5694-S-P ¿No consiguió el trabajo que quería? Spanish Job Search DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DWSI-15567-E-P.pdf 2006 Registered Nurse Survey English Labor Market DET 3/1/2007 Charles Lawson 
UCD-8303-P 2009 Wisconsin Acts 1, 11, 28, 287, 288, and 292, Amendments to Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 108, Unemployment Insurance Law English Unemployment UI 8/1/2010 Unemployment Insurance Staff 
DETJ-9517-P 80% of Job Search Success Depends on Research English Job Search DET 10/1/2009 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETV-14702-P A Wisconsin guide to employment services and benefits English Veterans DET 10/1/2009 Koenig, Phil 
DETJ-9482-P Ability to Follow Directions English Job Readiness DET 10/1/2009 Wisconsin Job Center 
SEC-6895-P Access to Public Records English Records Management ASD 7/1/2014 Howard Bernstein 
ERD-7334-S-PWEB Acosamiento en el Trabajo Spanish Fair Employment Law ER 9/1/2005 Equal Rights 
DETW-16653-P Action Planning Guide, Ten Step to Success English Youth Apprenticeship DET 7/31/2009 Amy Phillips 
DETJ-9413-P Adjusting to Unemployment English Job Readiness DET 7/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETW-12327-P Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Youth Apprenticeship Brochure English Youth Apprenticeship DET 7/1/2013 Amy Phillips 
All Job Center Publications All Job Center Publications English Resumes and Applications DET 10/1/2002 Wurl, Mark 
ERD-15377-P Annual Prevailing Wage Rate Survey English Prevailing Wage ER 6/1/2013 Equal Rights 
DVR-15989-P Appeal Rights English Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 2/17/2012 DVR 
DVR-15989-H-P Appeal Rights Hmong Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 2/17/2012 DVR 
DVR-15989-S-P Appeal Rights Spanish Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 2/17/2012 DVR 
DETA-7588-P Apprenticeship in Wisconsin English Apprenticeship DET 12/1/2012 Bobbi Holgers 
DWS-7855 Apprenticeship in Wisconsin English Apprenticeship DET 12/1/2012 Owen Smith 
DETW-17045-P Architecture & Construction Youth Apprenticeship Brochure English Youth Apprenticeship DET 11/3/2014 Amy Phillips 
DETW-10699-P Arts, AV and Communications Technology YA Brochure English Youth Apprenticeship DET 8/13/2012 Amy Phillips 
UCL-4478-S-P Asistiendo a una Audiencia o Vista Para Beneficios de Desempleo Spanish Unemployment UI 4/1/2014 Unemployment Insurance Staff 
UCL-4478-P Attending a UI Hearing English Unemployment UI 4/1/2014 Unemployment Insurance Staff 
DETJ-5913-P Avoid Application Form Errors English Resumes and Applications DET 5/25/2010 Wisconsin Job Center 
OEA-14837-P Bay Area Workforce Development Profile  English Workforce Development Area Profile SO 4/1/2005 Richard Seidemann 
SEC-8746-P Biennial Budget Reports English Biennial Report ASD 10/1/2005 N/A 
DETI-14928-BUF-E-P Buffalo County Snapshot English Labor Market DET 10/8/2008 WORKnet 
DVR-17249-P Business Services Brochure English Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 8/31/2012 DVR 
DVR-17248-P Business Services Toolkit English Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 8/31/2012 DVR 
SEC-9575-P Call Us For Help English Publications SO 5/22/2008 Marschman, Chris 
DETI-14928-CAL-E-P Calumet County Snapshot English Labor Market DET 10/8/2008 WORKnet 
ERD-11177-P Cessation of Health Care Benefits Law English Health Care ER 5/1/2014 Equal Rights 
DETW-15530-P Child Labor Laws and Youth Apprenticeship English Youth Apprenticeship DET 5/25/2009 Amy Phillips 
DETJ-6951-S-P Claves para una entrevista exitosa Spanish Interviewing DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DVR-10736-P Client Assistance Program (CAP) English Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 10/2/2014 DVR 
DVR-10736-S-P Client Assistance Program (CAP) Spanish Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 10/2/2014 DVR 
DVR-10736-H-P Client Assistance Program (CAP) Hmong Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 10/2/2014 DVR 
DETJ-9413-S-P cómo adaptarse al desempleo Spanish Job Readiness DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-4814-S-P cómo prepararse para trabajar Spanish Job Readiness DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
ERD-9680-P Comparison of Wisconsin And Federal Family and Medical Leave Laws English Family/Medical Leave ER 9/1/2012 Equal Rights 
DWSB-11481-P Complaints, ¿Quejas?, Kev Tsis Txaus Siab English Posters DET 7/1/2003 DET Forms 
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