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UCD-17392-P Detection and Prevention of Fraud in the Unemployment Insurance Program English Annual Report UI 3/18/2014 Unemployment Insurance Staff 
DETA-13246-P Wisconsin Apprenticeship Manual English Apprenticeship DET 7/1/2011 Owen Smith 
DWS-7855 Apprenticeship in Wisconsin English Apprenticeship DET 12/1/2012 Owen Smith 
DETA-7588-P Apprenticeship in Wisconsin English Apprenticeship DET 12/1/2012 Bobbi Holgers 
ERD-7609-P Fact Sheet - Arrest and Conviction Records under the Law English Arrest & Conviction ER 9/1/2011 Equal Rights 
ERD-8240-P Equal Rights Division Attorney Referral List English Attorney ER 5/8/2014 Equal Rights 
UCD-16480-P Report of Activities of the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council 2011-2012 English Biennial Report UI 3/1/2013 Unemployment Insurance Staff 
UCD-8967-P Financial Outlook - Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Program English Biennial Report UI 1/31/2013 Unemployment Insurance Staff 
SEC-8746-P Biennial Budget Reports English Biennial Report ASD 10/1/2005 N/A 
ERD-4758-PWEB Labor Standards Information Series - Wisconsin Employment of Minors Guide English Child Labor ER 4/30/2014 Equal Rights 
ERD-17231-P Guide to Wisconsin's Child Labor Laws English Child Labor ER 5/15/2014 Equal Rights 
ERD-4758-S-PWEB GUÍAA PARA EL TRABAJO DE MENORES EN WISCONSIN Spanish Child Labor ER 4/30/2014 Equal Rights 
ERD-12216-P Occupations Prohibited To Minors Under 16 Years English Child Labor ER 12/1/2010 Equal Rights 
ERD-10258-P State of Wisconsin Work Permit Officer Handbook: Child Labor & Street Trades English Child Labor ER 6/4/2014 Equal Rights 
ERD-17607-P Manufacturing & Construction Equipment & Wisconsin's Child Labor Laws English Child Labor ER 5/1/2014 Equal Rights 
DWSD-14045-P Instructions for Civil Rights Compliance Plan for Profit and Non-Profit Entities English Civil Rights DET 1/1/2006 DFS Forms 
ERD-7899-PWEB WI Fair Employment Law #4 in a Series -
Persons With Disabilities on the Job 
English Disabilities ER 5/1/2009 Equal Rights 
ERD-7899-S-PWEB Ley de Empleo Justo de Wisconsin #4 en una Serie - Personas con Discapacidades en el Trabajo Spanish Disabilities ER 6/1/2006 Equal Rights 
ERD-12864-P Information about the Americans with Disabilities Act  English Disabilities ER 2/1/2003 Equal Rights 
DET-12400-P Equal Opportunity is the Law English Discrimination DET 6/1/2008 DET Forms 
DET-12401-S-P (DET-12400-P) Igual Oportunidad es la Ley (Equal Opportunity is the Law) Spanish Discrimination DET 6/1/2008 DET Forms 
DET-12712-H-P (DET-12400-P) Vaj Huam Sib Luag Yog Txoj Cai (Equal Opportunity is the Law) Hmong Discrimination DET 6/1/2008 DET Forms 
DWSW-14250-P Red Flags For Legal or Discrimination Issues on Job Orders English Discrimination DET 2/1/2004 DET Forms 
DWSI-14382-E-P Using Labor Market Information to Understand Your Local Economy English Economic DET 8/31/2006 WORKnet 
DETB-14755-P Work Opportunities Tax Credit (WOTC) brochure English Employers DET 2/1/2013 Jody Thomas 
ETA_9057 Conditional Certifications Issued English Employment DET 12/12/2007 Chance, Jody 
ERD-8295-P Wisconsin Fair Employment Law English Employment ER 1/17/2011 Equal Rights 
ERD-7609-S-PWEB Historial de Arresto y Convicción (Antecedentes Penales) Bajo la Spanish Employment ER 9/1/2011 Equal Rights 
ERD-4825-S-P Selección Justa para el Empleo y Como Evitar las Preguntas "Cargadas" durante la Entrevista Spanish Fair Employment Law ER 2/17/2006 Equal Rights 
ERD-10453-S-PWEB Ley de Empleo Justo de Wisconsin # 6 en una Serie Discriminación en el Empleo Basada en la Edad Spanish Fair Employment Law ER 6/1/2006 Equal Rights 
ERD-6061-S-P WI Fair Employment Law #5 in a Series -
Fair Employment Law and Complaint Process - Spanish 
Spanish Fair Employment Law ER 3/1/2004 Equal Rights 
ERD-10591-PWEB WI Fair Employment Law #7 in a Series -
Settlement: An Alternative to Investigation and Hearing 
English Fair Employment Law ER 10/1/2004 Equal Rights 
ERD-4825-P WI Fair Employment Law #1 in a Series -
Fair Hiring & Avoiding Loaded Interview Questions 
English Fair Employment Law ER 9/20/2012 Equal Rights 
ERD-6061-P WI Fair Employment Law #5 in a Series -
Fair Employment Law and Complaint Process - English 
English Fair Employment Law ER 1/1/2013 Equal Rights 
ERD-7334-S-PWEB Acosamiento en el Trabajo Spanish Fair Employment Law ER 9/1/2005 Equal Rights 
ERD-9523-S-P Wisconsin's Fair Housing Law and Complaint Process - Spanish Version Spanish Fair Employment Law ER 11/1/2012 Equal Rights 
ERD-10591-S-PWEB El Acuerdo o Convenio Spanish Fair Employment Law ER 10/1/2004 Equal Rights 
ERD-10453-PWEB WI Fair Employment Law #6 in a Series -
Age Discrimination in The Workplace 
English Fair Employment Law ER 6/1/2006 Equal Rights 
ERD-9523-P Wisconsin's Fair Housing Law & Complaint Process English Fair Employment Law ER 11/1/2012 Equal Rights 
ERD-17095-P Early Referral Mediation Program English Fair Employment Law & Family/Medical Leave ASD 11/1/2011 Equal Rights 
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