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All Job Center Publications All Job Center Publications English Resumes and Applications DET 10/1/2002 Wurl, Mark 
DET-12400-P Equal Opportunity is the Law English Discrimination DET 6/1/2008 DET Forms 
DET-12401-S-P (DET-12400-P) Igual Oportunidad es la Ley (Equal Opportunity is the Law) Spanish Discrimination DET 6/1/2008 DET Forms 
DET-12712-H-P (DET-12400-P) Vaj Huam Sib Luag Yog Txoj Cai (Equal Opportunity is the Law) Hmong Discrimination DET 6/1/2008 DET Forms 
DET-16434-P JCW Job Seeker Flyer English Job Search DET 10/1/2008 Wurl, Mark 
DETA-13246-P Wisconsin Apprenticeship Manual English Apprenticeship DET 7/1/2011 Owen Smith 
DETA-7588-P Apprenticeship in Wisconsin English Apprenticeship DET 12/1/2012 Bobbi Holgers 
DETB-14755-P Work Opportunities Tax Credit (WOTC) brochure English Employers DET 2/1/2013 Jody Thomas 
DETI-14928-BUF-E-P Buffalo County Snapshot English Labor Market DET 10/8/2008 WORKnet 
DETI-14928-CAL-E-P Calumet County Snapshot English Labor Market DET 10/8/2008 WORKnet 
DETJ-10041-P Family Finances: Getting By on Less English Job Readiness DET 7/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-10041-S-P Finanzas familiares: Arreglárselas con menos Spanish Job Readiness DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-4658-P Thoughts on Resumes English Resumes and Applications DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-4814-P Grooming for Employment English Job Readiness DET 5/25/2010 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-4814-S-P cómo prepararse para trabajar Spanish Job Readiness DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-4937-P Personal Data Record English Job Search DET 4/1/2004 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-5694-P Turned Down for That Job? English Job Search DET 10/1/2009 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-5694-S-P ¿No consiguió el trabajo que quería? Spanish Job Search DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-5913-P Avoid Application Form Errors English Resumes and Applications DET 5/25/2010 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-5913-S-P Evite cometer errores en su formulario de solicitud Spanish Resumes and Applications DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-6024-P Resume Worksheet English Resumes and Applications DET 11/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-6951-P Keys to Successful Interviewing English Interviewing DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-6951-S-P Claves para una entrevista exitosa Spanish Interviewing DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-6954-P Telephone Tips and Techniques English Interviewing DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8456-P Job Search Issues English Job Search DET 5/25/2010 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8459-P Qualities an Employer Looks for When Hiring English Job Search DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8459-S-P Cualidades que un empleador busca al contratar y ascender a un empleado Spanish Job Search DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8960-P Self-management Skills English Resumes and Applications DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8961-P Transferable Skills English Resumes and Applications DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9406-P Questions Questions Questions English Interviewing DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9406-S-P Preguntas y más Preguntas Spanish Interviewing DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9407-P Informational Interviewing English Interviewing DET 10/1/2009 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9407-S-P Entrevista informativa Spanish Interviewing DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9413-P Adjusting to Unemployment English Job Readiness DET 7/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9413-S-P cómo adaptarse al desempleo Spanish Job Readiness DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9433-P Resume Writing -- A Basic Guide English Resumes and Applications DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9433-S-P confección de un currículum vitae - Guía básica Spanish Resumes and Applications DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9441-P Life Stress Questionnaire English Job Readiness DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9442-P Problem Solving Techniques English Job Readiness DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9442-S-P Técnicas de Resolución de Problemas Spanish Job Readiness DET 12/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
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