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DETJ-6951-P Keys to Successful Interviewing English Interviewing DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
ERD-9247-P Poster - Wisconsin Minimum Wage Rates - English English Posters ER 9/1/2011 Equal Rights 
DETJ-9433-P Resume Writing -- A Basic Guide English Resumes and Applications DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
ERD-17607-P Manufacturing & Construction Equipment & Wisconsin's Child Labor Laws English Child Labor ER 5/1/2014 Equal Rights 
ERD-11054-P Poster - Notification Required for Cessation of Health Care Benefits English Posters ER 9/1/2011 Equal Rights 
DVR-11074-P VR Program Policy English Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 8/6/2014 DVR 
DETJ-9407-P Informational Interviewing English Interviewing DET 10/1/2009 Wisconsin Job Center 
ERD-5796-P Prevailing Wage Rates and Hours of Labor for Municipal Public Works Projects Subject to S. 66.093, Stats. English Prevailing Wage ER 12/1/2010 Equal Rights 
DETJ-9406-P Questions Questions Questions English Interviewing DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8961-P Transferable Skills English Resumes and Applications DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8960-P Self-management Skills English Resumes and Applications DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
ERD-10721-P Labor Standards Complaint Investigation Process English Labor Standard Complaint Process ER 5/9/2014 Equal Rights 
DETJ-8459-P Qualities an Employer Looks for When Hiring English Job Search DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-8456-P Job Search Issues English Job Search DET 5/25/2010 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9441-P Life Stress Questionnaire English Job Readiness DET 5/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DVR-16849-P Your Free Ticket to Work (TTW) Services - Waiting List English Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 1/7/2014 DVR 
DETJ-4937-P Personal Data Record English Job Search DET 4/1/2004 Wisconsin Job Center 
WKC-13486-P Independent Contractor Definition Under S. 102.07(8), Wis. Stats. English Worker Compensation Law WC 7/1/2002 Bureau of Insurance Programs 
WKC-13964-P Sole Proprietors under the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act English Worker Compensation Law WC 10/1/2003 Bureau of Insurance Programs 
WKC-16463-P Employee Leasing Companies and Their Clients and Worker's Compensation Insurance in Wisconsin  English Worker Compensation Law WC 1/30/2009 Bureau of Insurance Programs 
WKC-13328-P Worker's Compensation Insurance Requirements in WI English Worker Compensation Law WC 11/1/2003 Bureau of Insurance Programs 
DETJ-6954-P Telephone Tips and Techniques English Interviewing DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
DVR-16850-P Your Free Ticket to Work (TTW) Services - Rehabilitated English Vocational Rehabilitation DVR 9/30/2014 DVR 
LS-39E-P Historical Resume of Minimum Wage Regulations in Wisconsin English Labor Standard Law ER 3/1/2011 Equal Rights 
DETJ-5694-P Turned Down for That Job? English Job Search DET 10/1/2009 Wisconsin Job Center 
LS-45-P Law - Deduction From Wages English Labor Standard Law ER 4/25/2014 Equal Rights 
DETJ-5913-P Avoid Application Form Errors English Resumes and Applications DET 5/25/2010 Wisconsin Job Center 
ERD-8784-P Labor Standards Information Series - Wisconsin Wage Payment and Collection Law English Labor Standard Law ER 5/1/2013 Equal Rights 
DETJ-6024-P Resume Worksheet English Resumes and Applications DET 11/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
DETJ-9442-P Problem Solving Techniques English Job Readiness DET 4/1/2002 Wisconsin Job Center 
LS-66-P Law - One Day Rest in Seven English Labor Standard Law ER 4/24/2014 Equal Rights 
ERD-8298-P Labor Standards Information Series - Wisconsin Hours of Work And Overtime Law English Labor Standard Law ER 5/1/2014 Equal Rights 
ERD-5797-P Prevailing Wage Rates and Hours of Labor for State Building and Other Public Works Projects Except Bridges and Highways Subject to S. 103.49, STATS. English Prevailing Wage ER 12/1/2010 Equal Rights 
ERD-6061-P WI Fair Employment Law #5 in a Series -
Fair Employment Law and Complaint Process - English 
English Fair Employment Law ER 1/1/2013 Equal Rights 
WKC-10539-P We're Protected by Worker's Compensation English Worker Compensation Law WC 11/24/2014 Bureau of Legal Services 
UCB-16570-P Laminated Desk Guide: UI Claims Online, Registration for Work English Unemployment UI 10/29/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
DETJ-9413-P Adjusting to Unemployment English Job Readiness DET 7/1/2003 Wisconsin Job Center 
UCT-17289-P Unemployment Newsletter for Employers English Unemployment UI 9/12/2014 Unemployment Insurance Staff 
ERD-10591-PWEB WI Fair Employment Law #7 in a Series -
Settlement: An Alternative to Investigation and Hearing 
English Fair Employment Law ER 10/1/2004 Equal Rights 
DETW-15530-P Child Labor Laws and Youth Apprenticeship English Youth Apprenticeship DET 5/25/2009 Amy Phillips 
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