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Form Number Form Title Form Language DWD Division Creation/Revision Date Content Contact
FIS-14706-11-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (North Central WI Workforce) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-22-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants Western WI WDB English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-13-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Private Industry Council of Milwaukee) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-14-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Southwest WI Workforce) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-16-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (WDB of South Central WI Inc.) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-15-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Waukesha-Ozaukee-Washington) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-8-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Bay Area Workforce) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-9-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Fox Valley Workforce) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-21-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Workforce Resource Inc.) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-12-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Northwest WI CEP Inc.) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-14706-10-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (Kenosha County) English ASD 8/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
DETW-17019-E Architecture and Construction Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/28/2014 Amy Phillips 
DVR-16561-E On-the job Training (OJT) Hiring Initiative Agreement English DVR 8/19/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17533-E State LTE Internship Position Information English DVR 8/15/2014 Audrey Merten 
DETW-14916-E Student Registration for Youth Apprenticeship English DET 8/14/2014 Amy Phillips 
FIS-15073-1-E WI Child Care Resource and Referral/Technical Assistance English ASD 8/14/2014 Sue Losen 
FIS-16823-1-E Children's Trust Fund & Home Visiting Expenditure Report English ASD 8/12/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17635-E PATHS Pilot Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 8/12/2014 Jill Coburn 
DETS-10-E DET System Access Request English DET 8/1/2014 DET Security 
DVR-17445-E-H Referral for DVR Services Hmong DVR 8/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17445-E-S Referral for DVR Services Spanish DVR 8/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17445-E Referral for DVR Services English DVR 8/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
UCL-17500-E Standard Affidavit Form English UI 7/31/2014 UI BOLA 
FIS-14825-E Youth Apprenticeship Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 7/29/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
WKC-12-E Employer's First Report of Injury or Disease-Form Fill Enabled Version English WC 7/28/2014 Kathy Froehlich 
FIS-16823-E Children's Trust Fund Expenditure Report English ASD 7/1/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17627-E National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) PATHS Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 7/1/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17541-E Community Building Milwaukee Expenditure Report English ASD 7/1/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17626-E Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc. for Children's Trust Fund Expenditure Report English ASD 7/1/2014 Jill Coburn 
WKC-13-A-E Wage Information Supplement English WC 6/17/2014 Kathy Froehlich 
FIS-17614-E SaintA SAFE Milwaukee Functional Family Therapy Expenditure Report English ASD 6/13/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17612-E Boys and Girls Club Green Bay Expenditure Report English ASD 6/10/2014 Sue Losen 
WKC-9351-E Health Service Database Certification Aplication English WC 5/30/2014 Kathy Froehlich 
DVR-14672-E Training Grant Information Form/Calculator English DVR 5/28/2014 Audrey Merten 
FIS-17579-E Wisconsin Fast Forward - Office of Skills Development Expenditure Report English ASD 5/15/2014 Warren Honkola 
WKC-19-E Admission to Service and Answer to Application English WC 5/6/2014 Kathy Froehlich 
FIS-17594-E Children's Trust Fund & FAST Expenditure Report English ASD 4/21/2014 Sue Losen 
DVR-16843-E-H Consumer Fiscal Responsibilities Agreement Hmong DVR 4/21/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-16843-E-S Consumer Fiscal Responsibilities Agreement Spanish DVR 4/21/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-16843-E Consumer Fiscal Responsibilities Agreement English DVR 4/21/2014 Audrey Merten 
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