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DVR-16843-E Consumer Fiscal Responsibilities Agreement English DVR 3/15/2013 Audrey Merten 
FIS-16821-E Nursing Workforce Evaluation Expenditure Report English ASD 8/30/2011 DWD Finance Grants 
UCB-12-E Weekly Work Search Notice English UI 2/10/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
DETS-16607 Civil Rights Compliance and Equal Opportunity Nondiscrimination Monitoring 2010 - 2012 Reviewer's Guide English DET 5/1/2010 Bill Franks 
FIS-16825-E CSBG & Skills Enhancement Expenditure Report English ASD 4/1/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-16823-E Children's Trust Fund Expenditure Report English ASD 4/11/2013 Sue Losen 
FIS-16831-E Strengthening Communities Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 6/1/2010 Sue Losen 
FIS-16878-E Intake and Orientation for MECA English ASD 9/1/2010 Sue Losen 
FIS-16844-E Best Outcomes for Indian Children Expenditure Report English ASD 11/14/2013 Sue Losen 
FIS-16802-E DCF Post Adoption Resource Centers Grant English ASD 5/10/2010 Sue Losen 
DETW-16812-E Information Technology (IT) Skill Standards Checklist English DET 7/1/2011 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16841-E Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/19/2013 Amy Phillips 
FIS-16873-E Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project Expenditure Report English ASD 8/25/2011 Sue Losen 
FIS-16872-E Domestic Abuse Program & Children's Trust Fund Expenditure Report English ASD 2/29/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-16874-E Terminating Parental Rights (TPR) - Milwaukee County D.A. Expenditure Report English ASD 10/14/2010 Sue Losen 
UCT-16722 UI Account Reactivation Request English UI 10/27/2009 UI Tax & Accounting Staff 
ERD-12436-E Transcripts and Copies of Recordings of Equal Rights Division Hearings English ER 12/6/2012 Equal Rights Information 
DVR-16775-E Stipend English DVR 6/27/2011 Audrey Merten 
WKC-9488-E Voluntary and Informed Consent for Disclosure of Health Care Information English WC 3/30/2009 Kathy Froehlich 
FIS-16720-E Domestic Abuse Services Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 1/13/2014 Sue Losen 
FIS-16748-E Community Services Block Grant Expenditure English ASD 1/31/2012 Sue Losen 
ERD-13521-E Retaliation Complaint - Elder Abuse/Health Care Worker Laws English ER 11/1/2012 Equal Rights Information 
WKC-12698-E Statement of Self-Restriction to Part-Time Work English WC 3/1/2009 Kathy Froehlich 
FIS-16720-1-E Domestic Abuse & Regugee Programs Expenditure Report English ASD 3/1/2011 Sue Losen 
FIS-16802-2-E DCF Post Adoption Resource Centers & Runaway Services Grants English ASD 5/10/2010 Sue Losen 
FIS-16748-2-E Community Services Block Grant & Refugee Expenditure Report English ASD 6/28/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-16802-1-E DCF Post Adoption Resource Centers & Domestic Abuse Services Grants English ASD 3/1/2011 Sue Losen 
FIS-14706-17-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (WI AFL CIO LETC) English ASD 11/14/2012 DWD Finance Grants 
ERD-16789-E Traveling Sales Crew Application For Registration English ER 4/1/2013 Equal Rights Information 
ERD-16790-E Traveling Sales Crew Disclosure Statement English ER 4/1/2010 Equal Rights Information 
WKC-16804-E Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund Barred Claim English WC 4/25/2013 Kathy Froehlich 
FIS-16796-1-E DCF Families Come First Grant (Meta House) English ASD 3/22/2011 Sue Losen 
FIS-16796-2-E DCF Families Come First Grant (Planning Council) English ASD 2/29/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-16859-E Domestic Abuse & Refugee Programs Expenditure Report English ASD 2/29/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-16748-1-E CSBG, Domestic Abuse & Runaway Services Expenditure Report English ASD 1/31/2012 Sue Losen 
DWSD-14772-E Disclosure of Lobbying Activities English DET 6/24/2005 DWD DET  
ERD-13485 Compliance Report Checklist English ER 1/1/2011 Equal Rights Information 
DETS-7627 WIA Complaint Information English DET 8/1/2009 DWD DET  
FIS-10098 Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Verification (Substitute W-9). PDF version for print and manual completion.  English ASD 9/1/2012 Bonnie House or Diane Moyer 
ERD-13859-E Retaliation Complaint - Whistleblower Law for State of Wisconsin Employees English ER 11/6/2012 Equal Rights Information 
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