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Form Number Form Title Form Language DWD Division Creation/Revision Date Content Contact
FIS-14393-E ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Set-up for Grant Contracts English ASD 3/11/2014 Sue Losen 
FIS-17579-E Wisconsin Fast Forward - Office of Skills Development Expenditure Report English ASD 5/15/2014 Warren Honkola 
FIS-17528-E Boys and Girls Club of WI Rapids Expenditure Report English ASD 11/1/2013 Sue Losen 
FIS-17012-E University Child Welfare Training Contracts Expenditure Report English ASD 3/20/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16973-E Brighter Future Initiative Expenditure Report English ASD 5/18/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16954-E Domestic Abuse Program English ASD 4/1/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17541-E Community Building Milwaukee Expenditure Report English ASD 7/1/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16944-E Home Visiting & Family Foundations Expenditure Report English ASD 2/1/2013 Jill Coburn 
FIS-15483-E Migrant Child Care Expenditure Report English ASD 5/15/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-15544-E Community Youth Grant Program Expenditure Report English ASD 2/1/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-15073-1-E WI Child Care Resource and Referral/Technical Assistance English ASD 8/14/2014 Sue Losen 
FIS-14042-E DCF Tribal Agency Expenditure Report English ASD 2/1/2014 Sue Losen 
FIS-10098 Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Verification (Substitute W-9). PDF version for print and manual completion.  English ASD 9/1/2012 Bonnie House or Diane Moyer 
PRC-13784-E Debarment English ASD 5/8/2003 Sheila Harrsch 
FIS-16903-E Adoption/Exchange Center/Recruitment & Support Proghram/Post Adoption Resource Expenditure Report English ASD 10/29/2010 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16945-E Home Visit, Runaway Services, CTF & Post Adoption Resources Expenditure Report English ASD 9/7/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17614-E SaintA SAFE Milwaukee Functional Family Therapy Expenditure Report English ASD 6/13/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17627-E National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) PATHS Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 7/1/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17626-E Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc. for Children's Trust Fund Expenditure Report English ASD 7/1/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17311-E W-2 & Related Programs after January 01,2013 English ASD 6/1/2013 Sue Losen 
FIS-16944-2-E Home Visit Evaluation Expenditure Report English ASD 7/19/2013 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17294-E Early Childhood System Capacity Building Expenditure Report English ASD 9/14/2012 Sue Losen 
FIS-14825-1-E CESA 6 Youth Apprenticeship Expenditure Report English ASD 4/15/2014 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-17398-E Education Collaboration Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 4/1/2013 Jill Coburn 
FIS-14516-E Head Start Collaboration Expenditure Report English ASD 10/1/2008 Sue Losen 
FIS-14397-E Refugee Health Screening Expenditure Report English ASD 3/22/2011 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17612-E Boys and Girls Club Green Bay Expenditure Report English ASD 6/10/2014 Sue Losen 
FIS-16823-1-E Children's Trust Fund & Home Visiting Expenditure Report English ASD 9/26/2014 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16944-1-E Home Visiting & Refugee Screening Expenditure Report English ASD 9/7/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-17012-1-E University Child Welfare Training Contracts and CTF Expenditure Report English ASD 2/29/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-15545-E WISCAP Association Expenditure Report English ASD 3/6/2012 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-13591-E DWD/DHS Shared Cost Expenditure Report English ASD 11/10/2010 Sue Losen 
FIS-17213-E Wisconsin Workers Win (W3) Expenditure Report English ASD 6/1/2012 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-16748-E Community Services Block Grant Expenditure English ASD 1/31/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16898-E Domestic Violence & Community Services Block Grant Expenditure Report English ASD 1/31/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16802-E DCF Post Adoption Resource Centers Grant English ASD 5/10/2010 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16796-2-E DCF Families Come First Grant (Planning Council) English ASD 2/29/2012 Jill Coburn 
FIS-16796-1-E DCF Families Come First Grant (Meta House) English ASD 3/22/2011 Jill Coburn 
FIS-14706-17-E Workforce Investment Act & Related Grants (WI AFL CIO LETC) English ASD 11/14/2012 DWD Finance Grants 
FIS-16748-2-E Community Services Block Grant & Refugee Expenditure Report English ASD 6/28/2012 Jill Coburn 
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