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Form Number Form Title Form Language DWD Division Creation/Revision Date Content Contact
UCB-12-E-H Weekly Work Search Notice Hmong UI 9/2/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-16871-E Information Request English UI 12/1/2011 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-9400 Direct Deposit of UI Payments English UI 8/15/2013 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-12-E Weekly Work Search Notice English UI 9/2/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-15465-E UI Applicant Questionnaire English UI 4/30/2012 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-12-E-S Weekly Work Search Notice Spanish UI 9/2/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-12-S Weekly work Search Notice Spanish UI 9/2/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-12 Weekly Work Search Notice English UI 9/2/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
UCB-12-H Weekly Work Search Notice Hmong UI 9/2/2014 Benefit Operations Staff 
DETW-17019-E Architecture and Construction Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/28/2014 Amy Phillips 
DETW-10039-E Arts, A.V Technology and Communications Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/9/2012 Amy Phillips 
DETW-10208-E Health Science Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/19/2013 Amy Phillips 
DETW-9471-E Education/Training Agreement English DET 9/23/2014 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16841-E Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/19/2013 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16812-E Information Technology (IT) Skill Standards Checklist English DET 7/1/2011 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16545-E Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/19/2013 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16165-E Manufacturing Skill Standards Checklist English DET 8/16/2012 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16512-E Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship - Request for Proposal English DET 3/15/2012 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16401-E Hospitality, Lodging & Tourism Skill Standards Checklist English DET 7/31/2009 Amy Phillips 
DETW-16368-E Finance Skill Standards Checklist English DET 7/1/2008 Amy Phillips 
DETW-17020-E Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Skill Standards Checklist English DET 7/25/2011 Amy Phillips 
TAA-16645 Training Approval Checklist English DET 3/26/2014 Ann Astin 
TAA-16180 New Student Cost Estimate Worksheet English DET 12/1/2009 Ann Astin 
TAA-17581 Job Search Checklist English DET 3/24/2014 Ann Astin 
DVR-17036-1-E Job Development Plan Report (Header Only) English DVR 11/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17035-1-E Job Coaching Report (Header Only) English DVR 11/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-12726-E Individualized Plan for Employment English DVR 10/1/2010 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17040-E Supported Employment Hire Report English DVR 11/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17037-1-E Job Develoopment Hire Report (Header Only) English DVR 11/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-10527-E Request for a Hearing English DVR 3/5/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-199-E-H Authorization for Release of Confidential Information Hmong DVR 11/19/2013 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17058-E Job Development Monthly Report English DVR 11/1/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-12726-H Individualized Plan for Employment (Hmong) Hmong DVR 10/1/2010 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17524-E Family Services Plan (FSP) English DVR 1/7/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-16775-E Stipend English DVR 6/27/2011 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17533-E State LTE Internship Position Information English DVR 8/15/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-199-E Authorization for Release of Confidential Information English DVR 11/19/2013 Audrey Merten 
DVR-12726-S Individualized Plan for Employment (Spanish) Spanish DVR 10/1/2010 Audrey Merten 
DVR-16843-E-S Consumer Fiscal Responsibilities Agreement Spanish DVR 4/21/2014 Audrey Merten 
DVR-17169-E Youth Transition On-the-Job Training (OJT) Hiring Initiative Agreement English DVR 4/3/2013 Audrey Merten 
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