TRA Weekly Request for Allowances

Document Number:  TRA-858A-E

Description:  This form is used by the claimant while enrolled in and attending school; to verify attendance in TAA approved training for the calendar week.  The completed form must be submitted by the claimant to the TRA central office via fax at 414-393-6825 to authorize payment for the week.

Comments:  The claimant fills in full name, social security number, telephone number, email address, complete street address, city, state, zip code, name of training institution (school), name of training program (course of study), unemployment insurance week number, beginning Sunday date and ending Saturday date (Unemployment Insurance Calendars).

Section A includes three parts.  The claimant answers question one and provides an explanation if necessary.  The claimant answers question two and obtains the required signature if necessary.  Part three requires the claimant to list the names of all classes scheduled in the current semester, as well as the days of the week attended.  An instructor signature or email is required to verify class attendance.

Section B.  The claimant will receive instructions from their local TAA Coordinator if they are to complete section B.

Section C.  Participant Certification.  Read the paragraph and sign on the line for participant signature and include the date signed.

Content Contact:  TRA Staff

Document Attachment:  TRA-858A-E (pdf/616 KB)

Directions for Completing Form TRA-858A-E (Print Version - pdf 237 KB)

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