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WRC Meeting Minutes

January 15 & 16, 2014
Madison, Wisconsin

Present: Rob Buettner, Wendi Dawson, Jim Dobrinksa, Stephanie Drum, Julie Ferchoff, Mike Greco, Jodi Hanna, Alvin Hill, John Lui, Kristin Stern, Linda Vegoe, Matthew Zellmer

Absent: Cayte Anderson, Ron Jansen, Patricia Lerch

Resource Staff/Guests: Mike Bachhuber, Kathleen Enders, Enid Glenn, Allison Gordon, Deb Henderson-Guenther, Linda Hedenblad, Bob Hovey, Les Mirkin, Arlen Moss, JoAnna Richard

Recorder: Kristin Rolling

Call to Order

Linda Vegoe, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Roll Call




W. Dawson/A. Hill moved/seconded to approve October 2013 minutes as presented.


Old Business


New Business

Council Chair Linda Vegoe reported that last night Governor Walker hosted a Forum on Disability and Employment that was attended by various partners from around the state.

Agenda Item: Updates:

WRC Committees

National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) – John Lui

Department of Public Instruction (DPI) – Wendi Dawson

Survival Coalition – Mike Bachhuber and Jodi Hanna

Independent Living Council–Wisconsin (ILCW) – Ron Jansen and Mike Bachhuber

National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils (NCSRC) – Linda Vegoe

Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) – Mike Greco

Agenda Item: DVR Administrative Updates

Mike Greco, Administrator

JoAnna Richard, Deputy Administrator

Agenda Item: DVR Administrative Updates

Enid Glenn, Director Bureau of Management Services

Discussion of change to DVR appeal process:

WRC Member Question: There is a lot if nuance in the law. How will the DHA staff be trained so that they can appropriately handle DVR appeals?

Answer: DVR will provide training. DVR policy analysts have developed the training.

WRC Motion approved/seconded by J. Lui/J. Hanna

The WRC agrees that DVR should transition from individual contracts to working with the DOA Division of Hearing and Appeals to handle DVR consumers appeal hearings.

Motion passed.

Agenda Item: Workforce Development Area 10 Updates

Les Mirkin, WDA 10 Director

WRC Member Question: What do you think are the strengths of your WDA?

Answer: WDA 10 is resource rich, with a large number of service providers.

WRC Member Question: What do you think is the largest challenge for your WDA?

Answer: Transportation is the largest issue we face in helping people reach their job goals.

Agenda Item: Motivational Interviewing

Linda Hedenblad, TACE 5

Linda Hedenblad, a Program Manager from TACE 5 and the person who has been training DVR staff in Motivational Interviewing counseling techniques, presented an introduction to motivational interviewing.

Motivational interviewing is a collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person's own motivation for and commitment to change.

Agenda Item: WRC Involvement in DVR Policy Development

Discussion – All

Discussion of recruitment of new WRC members.

Agenda Item: WRC member Training – Review of Curriculum

Discussion – All

WRC Member Question: How can the WRC be more involved in the development of DVR policy from the beginning, rather than reviewing and approving a final product?


WRC Member Question: Are there service delivery/policy items that DVR is considering changes to in the next year?


Agenda Item: Public Comment


R. Buettner/ J. Lui moved/seconded to adjourn.

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