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WRC Meeting Minutes

October 16 & 17, 2013
Racine, Wisconsin

Present: Cayte Anderson, Wendi Dawson, Jim Dobrinksa, Stephanie Drum, Julie Ferchoff, Mike Greco, Jodi Hanna, Alvin Hill, Ron Jansen, Patricia Lerch, John Lui, Kristin Stern, Linda Vegoe, Matthew Zellmer

Absent: Rob Buettner, Roxan Perez,

Resource Staff/Guests: Mike Bachhuber, Kathleen Enders, Patricia Johnson, Enid Glenn, JoAnna Richard

Recorder: Kristin Rolling

Call to Order

Linda Vegoe, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Roll Call




A. Hill/J. Dobrinska moved/seconded to approve April 2013 minutes as presented.


Old Business


New Business

The Wisconsin Benefits Specialists Association (WIBSA) recently created an information sheet about benefits counseling written specifically for DVR counselors.

Agenda Item: Updates:

National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) – John Lui

Department of Public Instruction (DPI) – Wendi Dawson

Survival Coalition – Mike Bachhuber

Native American Vocational Rehabilitation (NAVR) – Patricia Lerch

Independent Living Council–Wisconsin (ILCW) – Ron Jansen and Mike Bachhuber

National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils (NCSRC) – Linda Vegoe

Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) – Mike Greco

Agenda Item: DVR Administrative Updates

Mike Greco, Administrator

Agenda Item: DVR Administrative Updates

JoAnna Richard, Deputy Administrator

Agenda Item: Workforce Development Area 1 Updates

Patti Johnson, WDA 1 Director

WRC Member Question: What do your staff do to address the minority service rate?

Answer: Several things:

  1. We partner with local homeless shelters to try and keep connected with customers
  2. We discuss transient issues at the initial orientation and encourage people to connect with their counselor when they re able
  3. We involve individuals’ support networks and try to keep connected with people that way

WRC Member Question: Do you have service providers who specialize in customized employment?

Answer: Some but they are not very active. But we have found that some service providers are providing that service and not calling it customized employment, i.e. job carving, niche jobs.

WRC Member Question: What is your biggest challenge – what keeps you up at night?

Answer: Team wellness. We need to find ways, as an organization and as a leader, to address wellness in the workplace.

Agenda Item: DVR Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Enid Glenn, Bureau Director for DVR Management Services

WRC Member Input: Members Cayte Anderson and Al Hill volunteered to be involved in the bid review process for new Impartial Hearing Officers.

WRC Member Input: Members Linda Vegoe and Jodi Hanna volunteered to be involved in a workgroup to develop performance evaluation standards for Impartial Hearing Officer decisions

Agenda Item: WRC Member Training - Introduction

Discussion – All

Discussion of recruitment of new WRC members.

Agenda Item: WRC Member Training – Review of Curriculum

Discussion – All

Suggestions for changes

Agenda Item: FamilyCare 101

Kathleen Enders, DVR Contract Specialist

Agenda Item: Topics of Consensus/Strategic Planning

Discussion – All

Agenda Item: Public Comment


A. Hill/C. Anderson moved/seconded to adjourn

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