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WRC Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2013
Madison, Wisconsin

Present: Cayte Anderson, Rob Buettner, Wendi Dawson, Jim Dobrinksa, Stephanie Drum, Julie Ferchoff, Mike Greco, Jodi Hanna, Alvin Hill, Ron Jansen, Patricia Lerch, Cindi Pichler (for Kristin Stern), Linda Vegoe, Matthew Zellmer

Absent: John Lui, Roxan Perez, Don Pirozzoli

Resource Staff/Guests: Gina Haupt, Deb Henderson-Guenther, William Parke-Sutherland, JoAnna Richard, Tom Masseau, Thomas Cook, Connie DeValt, Larry Dresser, Lorie Lange, John Haugh

Recorder: Kristin Rolling

(Prior to the formal meeting of the Wisconsin Rehabilitation Council, council members toured the Walgreens Distribution Center in Windsor, WI. The center partners with the local DVR office to place qualified job seekers with disabilities in their facility.)

Call to Order

Linda Vegoe, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

Roll Call




W. Dawson/R. Buettner moved/seconded to approve October 2012 minutes as presented.


Old Business


New Business


Agenda Item: Workforce Development Area 10

Les Mirkin, WDA 10 Director

WDA 10 Presentation

WRC Member Question: Who in your offices manages DVR business relationships?

Answer: For connections that are made through Job Center Job fairs or the Workforce Development Area Business Services Team, the counselor discusses the employers needs and makes appropriate referrals. The WDA Director manages larger relationships, such as Walgreens.

Agenda Item: Updates:

Department of Public Instruction (DPI) – Wendi Dawson

National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) – Deb Henderson-Guenther

Independent Living Council - Wisconsin (ILCW) – Ron Jansen and William Parke-Sutherland

Disability Rights Wisconsin – Tom Masseau

Survival Coalition – Jodi Hanna

Motion by R. Jansen/Seconded by A. Hill:

DVR should make available to WRC members and other who communicate with Wisconsin legislators, DVR outcome data that is specific to legislative districts.

Agenda Item: Rehabilitation for Wisconsin

Thomas Cook, Executive Director

WRC Member Question: Are Employment Specialist still part of Managed Care Organizations?

Answer: Yes, and some are effective but others lack the needed knowledge and skills.

WRC Member Question: What are your next steps?

Answer: RFW is working to draft legislation could be presented to the legislature for discussion.

Agenda Item: WRC Administrative Updates

Mike Greco, DVR Administrator

Agenda Item: DVR Employment Specialists

JoAnna Richard, DVR Deputy Administrator

WRC Member Question: Will the new staff be looking for particular kind of jobs for DVR job-seekers?

Answer: No. They will learn the businesses needs and search the DVR talent pool to help them meet those needs.

WRC member Question: Will training for the new staff include cultural competency related to disability?

Answer: Yes. They will need to understand disability so they can work with business to address any issues or barriers.

WRC Member Question: What skills are you recruiting to.

Answer: Marketing and sales

WRC Member Recommendation: For the new staff, encourage participation in local organizations where they can meet business people, such as Society for Human Resource management chapters, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

WRC Member Question: Where does Beyond Vision advertise/recruit for open positions?

Answer: A wide variety of advertising is used to fill positions.

Agenda Item: Social Security Work Incentives

Connie DeValt, Social Security Work Incentives Coordinator

Agenda Item: Public Comment


R. Buettner/J. Dobrinska moved/seconded to adjourn.

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