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WRC Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2012
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Present: Cayte Anderson, Rob Buettner, Wendi Dawson, Jim Dobrinksa, Stephanie Drum, Julie Ferchoff, Steve Gilles, Mike Greco, Jodi Hanna, Ron Jansen, John Lui, Kristin Stern, Linda Vegoe, Matthew Zellmer

Absent: Ben Anderson, Alvin Hill, Tina Koehn, Patricia Lerch, Roxan Perez, Don Pirozzoli

Resource staff/guests: Lea Collins-Worachek, Meredith Dressel, Deb Henderson-Guenther, Jim Kerlin, Gail Kolvenbach, Joe Leonard, Dan Loccoco, William Parke-Sutherland, JoAnna Richard

Recorder: Kristin Rolling

Call to Order

Linda Vegoe, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Roll Call


Steve Gilles announced he is resigning from the WRC.

Glenn Olsen, who directed the Wisconsin Employment Initiative grant and who previously presented to the WRC about the grant, passed away.


W. Dawson/J. Ferchoff moved/seconded to approve minutes as presented.


Old Business


New Business



Department of Public Instruction (DPI) – Wendi Dawson

National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) – Deb Henderson-Guenther

WRC Member Comment: The Wisconsin chapter won the award because of Deb’s leadership.

WRC Member Comment: The National Rehabilitation Association has an informative Facebook page.

The next national conference will be in Brooklyn, New York.

Independent Living Council - Wisconsin (ILCW) – Ron Jansen and William Parke-Sutherland

Survival Coalition – Jodi Hanna

Agenda Item: DVR Reports

Mike Greco, DVR Administrator
JoAnna Richard, Deputy Administrator

WRC Member Question: What is the status of the DVR budget?

Answer: It is early in the process but DVR was exempted from the budget increase phase in order to maintain DVR’s Maintenance of Effort.

WRC Member Question: What are the reasons that consumers are not retaining a job after they have participated in an On the Job Training?

Answer: DVR is currently looking at why that might be happening so we can provide the services that are needed to help people maintain a hire.

WRC Member Question: Are the 3,250 successful case closures all full time employment?

Answer: The level of employment depends on the individual and what they have listed in their Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) for the number of hours they want to/are able to work.

WRC Member Comment: DVR staff are still asking consumers about their satisfaction with the vendor being present. It can be awkward for both the consumer and the vendor and it may influence the consumer’s answers.

Answer: The issue will be added to the DVR policy academy for discussion and action.

WRC Member Question: Are retirements slowing down?

Answer: Yes.

Agenda Item: Beyond Vision

Jim Kerlin, CEO/President Beyond Vision

WRC Member Question: Does Beyond Vision have a sub-minimum wage certificate?

Answer: No. Vision Forward no longer applies for one and everyone make at least minimum wage. The average wage for production staff is $9/hour.

WRC Member Question: Where does Beyond Vision advertise/recruit for open positions?

Answer: A wide variety of advertising is used to fill positions.

WRC Member Question: Is Beyond Vision able to provide most of the needed accommodations in-house?

Answer: Yes. We have most of the tools and technology to meet most requests. We do work with agencies like Vision Forward to make sure we are using the most current technologies.

Agenda Item: Workforce Development Area 3

Meredith Dressel, WDA 3 Director

Agenda Item: Department of Workforce Development

Reggie Newson, Secretary

WRC Member Question: How has Wisconsin state government increased hiring people with disabilities?

Answer: DWD participates in the DVR State Internship program and encourages other state agencies to participate as well.

WRC Member Question: What will you do, and what WRC members do, to secure funding for DVR?

Answer: DWD is committed to funding to keep DVR at Maintenance of Effort levels and to increase GPR funding for DVR so that more federal funding can be drawn down. WRC members can talk to their legislators about DVR services and the importance of funding them.

WRC Member Question: What is the DWD vision for lean government?

Answer: DWD, including DVR, will be using value stream mapping to find improvements to processes and customer service to find efficiencies.

Agenda Item: Workforce Development Area 2

Lea Collins-Worachek, WDA 2 Director

Agenda Item: Employment First

Lisa Mills, People First Wisconsin

WRC Member Question: How have other states dealt with lack of job development capacity?

Answer: Service providers say that developing capacity is difficult when the only payments are for outcomes. Research shows that tiered rates help to incent job developers to work with people with the most significant disabilities. Proper incentives and reimbursement strategies are the most effective.

WRC Member Question: Is there research being done to understand why there are pockets of excellence and what can be done to replicate what happens in those areas?

Answer: No.

Agenda Item: Public Hearing

Cathy Stefke, Advocacy Specialist – Disability Rights Wisconsin

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Consumer Example #2

Consumer Example #3

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