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WRC Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2012
Madison, Wisconsin

Present: B. Anderson, B. Anderson, C. Anderson, W. Dawson, R. Buettner, J. Dobrinska, S. Drum, C. Dwyer, J. Ferchoff, S. Gilles, J. Hanna, A. Hill, R. Jansen, T. Koehn, K. Stern, L. Vegoe, M. Zellmer

Absent: M. Kamal, P Lerch, J. Lui, A. Marshal, R. Perez

Resource Staff/Guests: W. Parke-Sutherland, J. Richard, L. Mirkin, S. Milnar

Recorder: Kristin Rolling

Call to Order

Linda Vegoe, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Roll Call


Appointments for new and returning members are in process.


Moved/seconded to approve minutes with amendments.


Old Business


New Business


Department of Public Instruction – Wendi Dawson

National Rehabilitation Association – Cayte Anderson (Vice President of the Wisconsin Rehabilitation Association)

National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils – Linda Vegoe

Independent Living Council - Wisconsin – Ron Jansen and William Parke-Sutherland

Client Assistance Program – Linda Vegoe

WRC Member Comment - Suggestion that there be an overview at a future meeting about how both CAP and Disability Rights Wisconsin work and what their roles are.

WRC Member Question – Are there trends or themes in those 130 cases?

Answer - College funding, self-employment plans, counselor change, and calls related to Independent Living Services. Orthopedic impairments, followed by mental illness, are the most common types of disabilities represented by callers.

Agenda Item: Innovation and Expansion Updates

Charlene Dwyer, JoAnna Richard & Kathleen Enders

Agenda Item: DVR Reports

Charlene Dwyer, DVR Administrator & JoAnna Richard, DVR Deputy Administrator

Agenda Item: Disabled Offenders Economic Security (DOES) Project

Sarah Milnar, Legal Action of Wisconsin

WRC Member Question: Is the program available in federal prisons?

Answer: No, only in state prisons

WRC Member Question: What happens at the time of release if the prisoner has a physical disability and the transitional housing isn’t accessible?

Answer: All of the participants to date have had mental health issues and not physical disabilities so they have not encountered that problem.

WRC Member Question: Is DOES working with community based recovery programs?

Answer: Yes, but if WRC members are aware of organizations or resources that DOES can connect with, the project is happy to take suggestions.

WRC Member Question: How do prisoners find out about DOES?

Answer: Institution social workers inform them.

WRC Member Question: Do you work with juveniles offenders.

Answer: No, DOES works exclusively with adults.

Agenda Item: Workforce Development Area 10

Les Mirkin, WDA 10 Director

WRC Member Question: Temporary work or work experiences can affect disability benefits. How do consumers manage that?

Answer: Benefits counseling is sought if there are questio0ns about income and benefit eligibility

WRC member Question: How long does it take for a consumer to develop “soft skills?”

Answer: Each case is different but the average DVR case is 27 months.

WRC Member Question: What is the average caseload for a counselor and how often to counselors contact their consumers?

Answer: The average caseload in WDA 10 is 88. The agency-wide standard for contacting consumers is every 30 days.

WRC Member Question: What is DVR’s relationship with the Society for Human Resource management (SHRM)?

Answer: SHRM proactively contacts DVR with questions and partnership opportunities.

WRC Member Question: Is there enough assessment capacity in WDA 10 to meet the needs of consumers with sensory disabilities? Is there any population that lacks assessment resources?

Answer: WDA 10 is resource rich and most often the resources we need are available.

Agenda Item: Public Comment


Motion/second to adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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