. Vocational Rehabilitation - Information for DVR's Service Providers (Required Training)

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Required Training

ALL Service Provider staff must take the following training courses and record the date in the personnel record of the online agreement. Modules 3 & 4 are not required at this time.

DVR Statewide Service Provider Training - Required One Time

DVR Information Technology (IT) Security Awareness Training - Each Required One Time

Ethics Training - Required Once Every 5 Years

ALL Service Provider staff must take an ethics course and record the date in the personnel record of the online agreement.

Two web-based ethics courses have been developed specifically for service providers that you can choose from. One by SIU Rehabilitation Institute and the second by VR Development Group.

Service providers can choose to complete an ethics training other than the choices listed above. If this is done, the training should meet the criteria listed below.

The training should meet the following criteria:

Customized Employment Training Resources

Any approved DVR Service Provider seeking to provide Customized Employment services to DVR consumers is required to have personnel that are providing the service complete one of the trainings listed below or one that meets the ODEP competencies.

Service Providers are not required to submit training certificates to DVR, but certificates must be kept on file by the Service Provider for any personnel providing Customized Employment services to DVR consumers. DVR may request that the provider produce a copy of the certificate of completion on an individual basis.

See the list of DVR service provider personnel that have completed Customized Employment training that meets requirements. Only personnel trained and approved can provide Customized Employment training.

See information regarding Customized Employment Criteria, Process, and Fees.

Below is a list of trainings that WI DVR is currently aware of that will qualify service provider personnel to provide Customized Employment. This list is not all inclusive. A Service Provider may attend any customized employment training, even if it is not listed below, as long as it meets the ODEP competencies.

Service Providers are responsible for all fees, costs and other requirements related to these trainings. This list will be updated as DVR learns more about other available trainings.

Customized Employment Training Opportunity (no upcoming trainings)

Griffin Hammis:

Michael Callahan:

TransCen, Inc.:

Virginia Commonwealth University:

Questions can be directed to the DVR Contract Specialist - dvrserviceproviders@dwd.wisconsin.gov - (608) 266-0177.

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