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A Better Bottom Line

image:A Better Bottom Line ProclamationIn January's State of the State Address, Governor Walker announced his A Better Bottom Line initiative - an initiative that will focus on employment and training services for job seekers with disabilities and connecting them with Wisconsin businesses who want to include their talent and abilities in their workforce. Click on the picture of the proclamation to read it.

Throughout 2014, Governor Walker will highlight job seekers and employees with disabilities, and the companies that recognize the value that they bring to the workplace.

DVR's work to help job seekers with disabilities to prepare them for employment and then connect them with Wisconsin's workforce will play an important role in Governor Walker's A Better Bottom Line initiative.

Wisconsin Grocer's Looking for A Better Bottom Line

DVR's Business Services Consultants are always on the lookout for opportunities to connect with businesses and help them find the talent of job-seekers with disabilities.

Two days after Governor Walker's State of the State Address, where he announced his A Better Bottom Line initiative, DVR BSCs Jenna Koleske (WDA 3) and Joshua Johnson (WDA 2) learned that Governor Walker addressed the Wisconsin Grocer's Association (WGA) and spoke about the initiative, encouraging grocers to hire people with disabilities.

Jenna and Joshua connected with the WGA and learned that their upcoming Letter from the WGA President email to WGA members would feature Governor Walker's comments. With some quick thinking, and some quick writing, they were able to send WGA information about DVR and the BSCs, giving WGA members direct access to DVR business services.

See the result of their work in the WGA Letter from the President email in the Governor Encourages Involvement article!

DVR Business Services Consultants

image:BSC Photo

DVR's statewide team of Business Services Consultants recently conducted a face-to-face meeting and were kind enough to pose for a picture!

Front row, left to right: Susan Paul, WDA 11; Yvette Moeller-Bunker, WDA 1; LaShana Miller, WDA 10; Kate Martin, Central Office; Vicki Londerville, WDA 6

Middle row, left to right: Kevin Virobik, WDA 4; Jenna Koleske, WDA 3; Bianca Shaw, WDA 2; Serryn Hawkins, WDA 8; Maureen Bryden, WDA 4; Scott Schlicher, WDA 5; Elena Rulseh, WDA 10; Jeffery Pooler, WDA 7, Brian Solomon, Business Service Policy Advisor

Back row, left to right: Randall Luter, WDA 1; Kurt Barikmo, WDA 3; Joshua Johnson, WDA 2; Amy Studden, WDA 9; Christopher Nehring, WDA 8; Jess Siler, WDA 5

PROMISE Grant Update

The PROMISE Grant DVR staff team is beginning to take shape. The following individuals will be transitioning into working with PROMISE participants and the PROMISE Grant.

  • Kitra Thomas - Racine
  • Deia Lawrence - Milwaukee
  • Susan Kratz - Milwaukee
  • Tania Hanford - Oshkosh
  • Amy Ten Haken - Green Bay
  • Meena Pandian - Madison
  • Nicole Luebbers - Case Coordinator
  • Teri Olson - Case Coordinator

Suzanne Lee will be supervising all PROMISE Grant service staff. At this time, DVR will begin open recruitment for 3 more VRC positions in Milwaukee, 2 CCC positions in Milwaukee, and 1 more position in Madison GEF 1. Later in the year, additional VRC positions will be recruited for PROMISE as the enrollment process takes shape.

Thanks for a Job Well Done

Becky Meidam - VRC, Oshkosh

Email from the parent of a DVR consumer

Yes, please feel free to close your case on (DVR consumer). We talked about your email, and he really seems to like working there ... and right now, it's a great fit. We couldn't be happier. Your assistance and the assistance of Aurora really made a difference. I cannot begin to thank you enough ... or the girls at Aurora.

My best to you Becky. I truly appreciate your kindness, compassion and follow through. You were a great asset in this start to (DVR consumer name's) future. Your communication style was a key in his evolution in this program because he could trust you.

Ralph Mikell - VR Specialist, Central Office

Email regarding a DVR case that was referred to the Cold Case Unit (CCU)

Thank you very much Ralph for working on this case. I would think that, with this information, this would be an appropriate successful case closure.

Thanks again Ralph. I appreciate your efforts that should result in a successful case closure. Well done!

Brock Hansen - VRC, Madison

Thanks for everything Brock! You have been very helpful and supportive, this has all been a very huge help to me!!!

Staff Updates

New Faces/Transfers

  • Kurt Barikmo, Business Services Consultant, WDA 3 (Transfer from WDA 2)
  • Hannah Ottesen, VR Assistant (LTE), La Crosse
  • Brendan Bobylak, VR Counselor (LTE), Racine
  • Tammy Waubanascum, Consumer Case Coordinator, Green Bay
  • Amy Dunn, VR Assistant (LTE), Janesville
  • Andrea Christoff, CCU (Project Position from LTE)
  • Janel Holmes, VR Assistant (LTE), Kenosha
  • Amber Miller, VR Assistant (LTE), Rice Lake
  • Nicole Gurnoe, VR Counselor, Hayward
  • Keele Westcott, Consumer Case Coordinator, Wausau
  • Nicole Eul, VR Counselor, Milwaukee South
  • Kathleen Enders, Policy Analyst (Transfer from Contract Specialist)
  • Lela Yang, Consumer Case Coordinator, Racine (Transfer from Sheboygan)
  • Jennifer Parra Brownrigg, VR Counselor, Milwaukee South
  • Joleen Ross, VR Counselor, Madison (Transfer from Kenosha)
  • Gadeen Taylor, VR Assistant (LTE), Janesville
  • Shane Zertler, VR Counselor, Baraboo
  • Alice Malone, Consumer Case Coordinator (LTE), Racine
  • Laurel Jecevicus, Consumer Case Coordinator (LTE), Kenosha
  • Michael Alexander, Consumer Case Coordinator, Milwaukee South


  • Carol Hoppe, Consumer Case Coordinator, WDA 2
  • Angela deJong, VR Counselor, WDA 1
  • Angel Sevilla-Beltran, VR Counselor, WDA 3
  • Carlos Ramos-Ortolaza, VR Assistant (LTE), WDA 10
  • Jane Sweney, VR Counselor, WDA 2
  • Jenny Leon-Martinez, Consumer Case Coordinator, WDA 2
  • Johnilee Nyberg, VR Assistant (LTE), WDA 7
  • Tafadzwa Mashiri, VR Assistant (LTE), WDA 6
  • Linda Jackson, Consumer Case Coordinator (LTE), WDA 2

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