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Honoring Our Veterans

image:Veteran's Day 2013 PosterIn November, we honor veterans who have served in the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard - brave men and women, and their families, who have served our country with honor and distinction.

For some, their service has resulted in injuries that create barriers to employment. DVR can provide the services and supports that injured veterans need to connect to employment when they have completed their service in the armed forces.

There are many partners and resources available to DVR staff and veterans with disabilities who are interested in employment.

DWD Office of Veterans Employment Services

US Department of Labor, Veterans' Employment and Training Services (VETS)

America's Heroes at Work

A growing number of returning service members are coping with the challenges of non-visible disabilities like PTSD and brain injury as they reintegrate into civilian life. Not all individuals with PTSD or brain injury need workplace supports, but for those who do, such supports can be critical to employment success.

DOL Veterans Employment Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to assist employers, managers and supervisors, human resource professionals, and employee assistance program (EAP) providers relate to and support their employees who are Veterans and members of the Reserve and National Guard.

Warriors to Work

Warriors to Work is a program of the Wounded Warriors Project that provides career guidance and support services to Wounded Warriors interested in transitioning to the civilian workforce.

VA Hotline for Women Veterans

Women make up nearly 15 percent of today's active duty military and 18 percent of National Guard and Reserve forces. To better serve them, the Department of Labor's Veterans Administration has established a hotline - 1-855-VA-WOMEN (1-855-829-6636) - to receive and respond to questions from Veterans, their families and caregivers about the many VA services and resources available to women Veterans.

Employer Assistance & Resource Network

The EARN website includes resources for businesses to assist them in recruiting, hiring and retaining service men and women with disabilities, including several archived webinars.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2013

Governor's Small Business Summit - Highlighting Employing People with Disabilities & DVR Programs

October 2013 was one for Wisconsin DVR's record books! For the first time, there was at least one event in each Workforce Development Area recognizing National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). In addition, there was a high level of interest in, not only DVR's NDEAM events, but also in how DVR can help Wisconsin businesses meet their talent needs.

A website featuring all of DVR's NDEAM events in 2013 is being developed, and a link will be sent to all DVR staff when it is completed. Stay tuned!

Social Security Reimbursements

Submitted by Gina Haupt

DVR had its best year ever in regard to Social Security cost reimbursement. During the past State Fiscal Year (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013), DVR brought in $6,051,416. The key implication of this number is that DVR is succeeding at helping consumers become self-sufficient and independent. Additionally, federal reimbursement is an important source of DVR funding. Reimbursement helps DVR to provide consumer services, the funding of multiple positions, technology improvements that increase counselor mobility, and so much more. As DVR field staff, you play a vital roll in helping DVR achieve cost reimbursement, and your continued support is important.

One of the best ways to support DVR's reimbursement goals is to provide a benefits analysis to consumers. Even if a consumer does not want to work off of benefits at this time, it does not mean he or she will not want to in the future. DVR can file a claim for reimbursement for up to seven years after case closure.

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Outlook Tips and Tricks!

image:Outlook ImageWhen you set your Out of Office Assistant, Wisconsin state employees receive a message indicating that you are out of the office. In previous versions of Outlook, people outside of the state employee email system did not.

In Outlook 2010, you can set your preferences so that everyone will receive your Out of Office Assistant messages.

  • Go to your File Tab in Outlook and click on Automatic Replies. There will be two tabs. One is for people "inside my organization" and the other is for people "outside my organization".
  • When you click on the "outside my organization" tab, select "send automatic replies." Then, make sure there is a checkmark in the "auto-reply to people outside my organization" checkbox. You can choose to limit the automatic replies to just your contacts or to anyone. Enter in your message, and press OK to turn the automatic replies on.

Ticket to Work Options for DVR Consumers

Submitted by Gina Haupt

Wisconsin DVR is making news these days for its proactive accomplishments such as the REDI Program, Project REACH, and IPS, to name a few. In particular, Wisconsin is being recognized as a leader in developing best practices around the Ticket to Work Program. DVR has been working hard to pair up with Employment Networks to allow our consumers an option for support after file closure if they are working at or above Substantial Gainful Employment (SGA = $1,040 non-blind and $1,740 blind for 2013) or have the goal of working at or above SGA in the near future. This is a free program for consumers who have a Ticket to Work. It can help them with issues such as over payments from SSA, conflict on the worksite, disability-related issues affecting work, and much more. Using an Employment Network for support after file closure is proving helpful in increasing consumers' income, helping them work completely off of benefits, and decreasing their return to both SSA benefits and DVR. This is great news because it implies that consumers are becoming independent and their income is exceeding their income from benefits alone.

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Department of Workforce Development Biennial Report

Every two years, each state department must complete a report to the Governor of its key activities and accomplishments for the recently completed biennium. The DWD Biennial Report for 2011-2013 was recently posted.

Thanks for a Job Well Done

Mary Wollin - CCC, Superior

Email from VRC Jerry Jorgenson

Mary, thanks for a VERY productive Tuesday!

  • 6 pre-existing internships
  • Inquiry letters
  • POs
  • Waiting list consumers
  • On-going incoming phone calls
  • Eligibilities
  • New referral application tutorial
  • Walk ins
  • W-9's
  • IRIS questions

Just to mention a few things you did from 7:30 to 4:45.

Erin Wendorf - VRC, Janesville

It is so wonderful to be working again! Everyone I talk to that has worked with DVR in the past, and has now worked with you, are so impressed with you and your drive, energy and attention to details. Thank you so much for everything you have done to date that has allowed me the opportunity to return to my existing, well-paying, professional position.

Workforce Development Area 11

Email message from a service provider

I wanted to share the news that I received a call yesterday from the recruiter and trainer at the new Straight Forward Call Center in Brodhead.

He wanted to offer thanks to myself, CSW, and DVR for "all of the wonderful referrals." He also told me that everyone we have sent is doing very well and that some of them are within the top five sellers.

It's always nice to get that kind of feedback from an employer, and I thought everyone would like to know!

Larnzetta McFadden - VRC, Madison

Email to WDA 10 Director, Les Mirkin

I would like to compliment Ms. McFadden on her excellent work and support that she has showed me.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten her as a case manager, and I appreciate all that she does.

Rita Olin - CCP, Madison

Email to Lorie Lange, DVR Section Chief, from a DVR service provider

I just wanted to let you know as a vendor for over 15 years I have never had the privilege with working with someone as kind, considerate, has a sense of humor, and who has helped me out tremendously. Since this is my livelihood and how I make my living, I can't tell you how many times she has caught my errors on my invoices that I bill. Her patience with me time and time again for errors on my end is very much appreciated. I just thought you should know that and tell her again how much I do appreciate her help.

Sharon LaRose (VRC, Superior) and Johnilee Nyberg (VRC, Ladysmith)

Email to VR Supervisor Karen Griffin from a DVR service provider

I want to make sure that you are aware of the outstanding individuals you have working under your direction. Both Sharon and Johnilee have been very supportive and helpful not only during our recent transition, but in all contact I have had with them.

Josephine Herrera-Miller (VRC, Fond du Lac)

Thank you for understanding and helping me with my brother. I believe and hope moving to Oklahoma is the right thing for us.

Staff Updates

New Faces/Transfers

  • Jennifer Mikalowsky, VR Supervisor, WDA 5 (Promotion)
  • Weneaka Jones, VR Supervisor, WDA 2 (Promotion)
  • William Curry, Consumer Case Coordinator, Menasha
  • Ellen (Elena) Rulseh, Business Services Consultant, WDA 3
  • Derek Miller, Consumer Case Coordinator, Madison
  • Anna McCabe, Consumer Case Coordinator, Madison
  • Tafadzwa Mashiri, VR Assistant (LTE), Wausau


  • George Heideman, Business Services Consultant, WDA 10

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