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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

image:NDEAM 2013 Theme Image
Held each October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a national campaign that raises awareness about disability employment issues and celebrates the many and varied contributions of America's workers with disabilities. The theme for 2013 is "Because We Are EQUAL to the Task."

Wisconsin DVR will celebrate the month with many events throughout the state. 2013 marks the first year that there will be an NDEAM event in every WDA - several WDAs have more than one event!

There is also now an NDEAM webpage on the DVR website. The site contains a list of DVR NDEAM events in Wisconsin and will feature success stories of DVR consumers who work at some of the companies that are being recognized throughout the month.


As in year's past, the focus of Wisconsin DVR's NDEAM events is recognizing the partnership of Wisconsin companies who recruit, hire and retain people with disabilities, and to provide educational opportunities for companies related to disability and employment topics.


  • Lunch and Learn Featuring Information Related to Sec. 503, October 22nd


  • Employer Recognition Breakfast, October 23rd


  • Employer Recognition Breakfast, October 31st


  • T.J. Maxx Recognition, October 4th
  • Magnum Power Products Recognition, October 16th
  • Project SEARCH Open House, October 30th


  • REDI Graduation, October 11th
  • Employer Recognition Luncheon, October 15th (Sheboygan area)
  • Employer Recognition at Door County Board Meeting, October 22nd (Door County area)
  • Employer Recognition Luncheon, October 24th (Green Bay area)


  • Employer Recognition Breakfast, October 22nd


  • Opportunities for Success Awards Banquet, October 18th


  • Employer Recognition Luncheon, October 22nd


  • Employer Recognition and Company Tour - Used Anew, October 29th

WDA 10

  • Employer Recognition Event, Date TBD

WDA 11

  • Employer Recognition and Company Tour - iPacesetters, September 30th

IRIS Release Reminders

Submitted by Aimee Jahnke, IRIS Specialist

October 1st - and the IRIS Release - are here!

As you begin working in the updates to IRIS, I wanted to remind you of some resources that can help you answer questions.

On the IRIS homepage, there are links to the IRIS release emails for easy reference. This means you do not need to save the emails, or try to dig them up, if you need them.

Also on the IRIS homepage is a link to the IRIS SharePoint site. If you select the link to the SharePoint site, you can select "Training Materials" on the left side of the screen to be taken to a list of IRIS-related training materials, including those from the Mandatory Training in September of 2013.

image: IRIS Screenshot

Workplace Wellness

DVR's Workplace Wellness efforts continue through various events and wellness-minded decisions around the state!

Tamara Silha recently brought some WDA 5 co-workers to a health club for lunch and all got to try free health/protein smoothies as new "members". From left to right; Jennifer Mikalowsky, Tamara Silha, Terra Schlueter, Andrea Christoff, Anna Eggebrecht.

image: WDA5 Wellness Photo

As a way to help DVR staff connect to their communities, WDA 5, WDA 8 and Central Office participated in a "School Supply Drive", with each group collecting school supplies for low-income families in their communities, along with a friendly challenge to see who could collect the most.

image: WDA 5 School Supplies image: WDA 8 School Supplies image: Central Office School Supplies

       WDA 5                                          WDA 8                                   Central Office

The results:

  • WDA 8 - 198 items
  • WDA 5 - 194 items
  • CO - 168 items

The charities that benefited from everyone's generosity are:

  • Benjamin's House (Rice Lake)
  • Stepping Stones (Menomonie)
  • Salvation Army (Green Bay)
  • Sheboygan Area School District
  • Middleton Outreach Ministries

OJT Forms

Do you use the On-the-Job Training (OJT) Hiring Initiative Agreement Form (DVR-16561-E)? If so, here are some tips/reminders:

  • The form was updated in early-January, so please make sure you are using the most current version. This form can be found on the DVR Forms Webpage - http://dwdworkweb/dvr/forms/default.htm.
  • The Remit to Address on the form should be where the check is to be sent; this is the same address that you should use when setting up the PO.
  • It takes extra time and may delay payment if CCP has to correspond back and forth with the person who sent in OJT to find out correct information, like where the check should be sent.
  • OJTs are usually sent out the same day as received, so the receiving should be done prior to sending to CCP, otherwise, again, requires extra processing time asking for receiving to be done.
  • The PO number should be put on the form in the box for the PO number on the form. May include it in the email and send copy of PO (not necessary if the number is written on the form). But ultimately, the PO number needs to be on the form, so just fill it in before sending to CCP and forget about sending a copy of the PO.
  • Do NOT send the W-9 form to CCP with the OJT form. W-9s go to Finance.
  • Preferred method of delivery to CCP is email. Why? Copies are more legible, ability to track where form came from and correspond with that person if there are any questions. Faxes do not generally have a cover sheet showing who sent the document.

Thanks for a Job Well Done

Joshua Johnson - BSC, WDA 2

Email message from a local business owner

I would like to thank you for the promptness on the matter with (consumer name). We as an employer do not have time to deal with issues with case managers so when a problem arose, your quick response and "take care of it" attitude was thoroughly appreciated. When I met with you, we were convinced you were a dedicated and caring person that just wasn't going to throw us anyone. My continued contact with you have proven that we made a great decision. I feel the meeting truly helped the situation and brought us back to a good relationship with this employee. You truly go above and beyond. We truly appreciate our relationship and look forward to working with you further.

Chao Xiong - VRC, Eau Claire

I just want to thank you for everything you do and have done for me!

Kay Lechner - VRC, Waukesha

Email from a Walgreens REDI participant

Just to let you know I received a phone call from Scott, a shift manager at Walgreen's here in Oconomowoc. He was letting me know that they've decided to hire me!

I called Nicole Thompson at Goodwill Industries to thank her for all her help. I also want to express my appreciation for all that you've done for me. I can't begin to describe the gratitude and respect I have for you. You obviously know your work and conduct it extremely well. I pray and I'm confident that this will be an ideal opportunity for me.

Jolene Cooley - VRC, Milwaukee

Email from the parent of a consumer

I want to thank you for all that you have done to support (consumer name) in her multiple transitions. Your creative and person-centered thinking helped bring multiple people and programs together to truly assure a better quality of life for her. It is exciting that she can transition from DVR services with a such a seamless connection to long term funding with Family Care - this is a testament to everyone involved and everyone's commitment to work as team with her best interests in mind. Thanks again for everything. Keep doing the good work, keep fighting the good fight. The work you do every day changes the world for people who may not be able to advocate for themselves.

David Chapman - VRC, Madison

Thanks so much! DVR was one of two positive forces I encountered in my rehab and DVR has consistently taken me forward, step by step. I honestly can't say enough good things about all the support to help me turn around a very big negative to regain a good chunk of the quality of life I used to have. To be employed and not be stressed out about money constantly and to start repaying my family my debt from the past 3 years and to have back some positive self-esteem about having more independence now -- simply awesome! I really appreciate your help! Thank you!

Josephine Herrera-Miller (VRC) and Maureen Bryden (BSC) - Fond du Lac

Email from the parent of a consumer

Just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thank You!" from (consumer name), myself and my husband for all you did to help (consumer name) with his situation at Mercury. Please pass on a "Thank You" to Maureen too (I don't have her email). You two really teamed up and acted fast for him and we appreciate it!

He is very pleased to still be employed at Mercury and between our talks at home and then his meeting today I see a renewed positive attitude. This has all opened up his communication with his coworkers and everyone which is so good for him. We all are breathing a sigh of relief!

Erin Wendorf - VRC, Janesville

I hope this email finds all well with you. I just wanted to drop you a quick email and say "thank you" for your assistance with state jobs. I finally landed one. It is very busy but very exciting. I relocated to La Crosse at the end of May. Your assistance in guiding me through the process of applying with the state will always be greatly appreciated.

Staff Updates

New Faces/Transfers

  • Emre Umucu, VR Assistant (LTE), Madison
  • Enoch Boyd, Consumer Case Coordinator (LTE), Milwaukee NE
  • Linda Jackson, Consumer Case Coordinator (LTE), Milwaukee NW
  • Jess Siler, Business Services Consultant, Green Bay


  • Christopher Ruesch, VR Counselor, WDA 6
  • Nkweh Che-Alota, VR Assistant (LTE), WDA 5
  • Brianne Burke, Consumer Case Coordinator, WDA 2
  • Terri Burl, Consumer Case Coordinator (LTE), WDA 6

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