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DVR Joins the World of Social Media

You can now “Find us on Facebook!” In March, DVR officially launched its Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/WIEmployAbility.

image: Find us Oon Facebook

You can share the link with service providers, employer partners and consumers. The page will feature information about disability and employment issues, as well as some general disability information.

Any suggestions for content (pages to “like,” articles, blogs, videos, etc.) and feedback can be sent to Kristin Rolling.

Facebook is DVR's first social media offering, but it won't be the last! More news coming soon!

Online Application

image: Online Application

The new online application process will go into effect on Monday, April 2, 2012. The online application will allow potential consumers to complete an application at WDA offices, libraries, Job Centers, their home or any other location where a computer is linked to the internet. It is easy to complete, secured and should expedite the DVR online application process.

A complete step-by-step document of the new online application process is found in SharePoint at http://cs-dvr/iris/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx “Online Application/New Online Application Process”. A study hall for the new online application process has been scheduled for April 19th at your WDA's videoconference site.

Service Provider Webcast

image: Service Provider Webcast

Amy Grotzke, WDA 9 Director, sits in front of the camera during the taping of the DVR Service Provider webcast.

In years past, DVR service providers would attend one of several Service Provider Trainings that were held across the state. These trainings covered changes to contract technical specifications, the requirements of contracting with DVR as well as general information and updates about DVR and service delivery.

This format required service providers and their staff to travel, as well as travel by DVR staff to present at and facilitate the sessions. In addition, there were also costs for meeting rooms and equipment rentals.

Enter technology.

This year's DVR Service Provider Training is being offered to service providers as a webcast. Service providers will be able to view the webcast on demand from a link on the DVR website.

The webcast will be available in 4 modules, which will allow service providers the flexibility to view only those modules that pertain to them. The four modules are:

  • Module 1 - Service Provider Partnerships
  • Module 2 - Technical Specifications
  • Module 3 - Fee Review Policy
  • Module 4 - Future Enhancements

The webcast is scheduled to be released May 1, 2012.

Training Needs Assessments Are In!

Early this year, the DVR Training Unit rolled up the results the Training Needs Assessment that staff participated in. Below is the summary of results (most important) from the three surveyed populations.


  • Budgets
  • Tracking data
  • Managing conflict
  • Establishing better working environments
  • Leadership/Supervisory skills

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Consumer Case Coordinators:

  • Caseload management
  • Ethics
  • Assistive technology
  • Managing expectations

Administrative Support Personnel:

  • Specific computer program training

Youth Leadership Forum

The 11th Annual Wisconsin Youth Leadership Forum (WI YLF) is a week-long leadership training and career awareness program for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors with disabilities. It provides training in leadership, self-advocacy skills, and career awareness to approximately 25 students with disabilities from throughout the State of Wisconsin.

The conference is free, but students must apply by April 16.

Application and More Information: http://www.wiyouthfirst.org/YLF_announce.html.

Motivational Interviewing

image: Motivational Interviewing

Staff and supervisors participate in a training session that was offered as part of Phase 1 of Motivational Interviewing.

Phase 1 of Motivational Interviewing is underway, and Phase 2 is scheduled to start this fall. When Phase 1 is complete, over 66 staff and supervisors will have received basic and advanced training in motivational interviewing.

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based approach to overcoming the ambivalence that keeps many people form making desired changes in their lives, even after seeking or being referred to professional help.

Wellness - WDA 5

Submitted by Matthew Maloney - VRC, Green Bay

image: Tap Water

For the month of March, WDA 5 is tracking our water intake as part of our wellness initiative. VR counselor Terra Schlueter suggested the idea, as fluid intake can be one of the more overlooked aspects of health and wellbeing.

WDA 5 wellness coordinator Matt Maloney asked for voluntary participants from the group, and a total of 19 signed up. There was some debate over which beverages should count toward the goal, and then how much we should look to consume on average. In the end we agreed that, in addition to water, we would also include herbal teas and naturally-sweetened, non-caloric mineral waters. Although 8 glasses per day has always been the standard for water consumption, we agreed that a good goal to shoot for would be 50 oz. per person, per day.

So far things have been going very well, and the group looks to attain their goal. The participants can track their consumption on a spreadsheet set up on the V Drive. The system promotes accountability in that team members can issue good-natured reminders to those who may be falling behind or have not updated their numbers in awhile. One thing that several team members mentioned was that it was more difficult keeping up with their water drinking on the weekends. Even after March is over, we hope that this event will encourage all of us to pay more attention not only to our water intake but to healthy habits in general.

Collection Procedures for Unverified Direct Payments

If you have unverified direct payments after making multiple contacts using multiple methods of contact, DVR can work with DWD Finance for collection. The procedures are outlined below:

Please send an email to Kim Pomeroy with the following information:

  • Consumer's full name
  • Consumer's IRIS case number
  • Consumer's last know address
  • Amount of unverified payment
  • Brief summary of collection attempts (dates, methods, results)

DWD Finance will create and send an invoice to the consumer. The consumer will receive a running notice from DWD Finance for three consecutive months. If there is no payment, they will refer the invoice to Department of Revenue (DOR) for tax intercept. Any funds that are collected by DOR will be transferred to DWD/DVR.

You should casenote in the IRIS file that a direct payment was sent to Finance for collection.

Team Tip - Become More Effective, from Coulee 9 (WDA 9)

(This will be a recurring article, featuring tips and tricks from different DVR teams.)

Ever wish you had more time? “If I just had a few more minutes in my day I could get it all done!” Here are some tips from the Coulee 9 team with regards to time management. Enjoy!

  1. Set one afternoon aside every week to just do "paper work".
  2. Quit playing phone tag! Have vendors and consumers call CCC to schedule appointments.
  3. Have consumers who use e-mail make their own job search logs and send them to you. Amend the log with the information you want, and use it for other consumers as well as the one who created it.
  4. Have counselors mainly assigned to work with one CCC but having the fiscal mail box and case management mail box so CCC can share coverage when needed.
  5. Communicate with your team members and respect their opinions.
  6. Use the task list or calendar on Outlook to keep track of "to do" items. This is better than having it on paper and you can set it up to send you reminders. Check things off as you go along, then at the end of the day you can see what you have accomplished.
  7. Break up a task that seems overwhelming into smaller tasks and check them off as you go. You won't feel so overwhelmed.
  8. If you have unfinished projects/things on your desk at the end of the day, put what you need to do next on a sticky note and put in onto the paper you are working on. When you return the next day you won't have to waste time thinking about next steps (and you won't worry about it at night either).

Understanding Your Role

by Angela Boutwell-Cook – CCC, Kenosha

For some to be limited, they would refer to it as a disability,
     We should encourage our consumers to discover their very own abilities.

To believe in ones self promotes a growing self esteem, deep on the inside,
     Consumer’s can learn to stand so they can cherish their impairment and not hide.

If consumers would strive and never give up on their personal goals,
     This will allow them to stay engaged with DVR understanding their role.

Written by: Prodical Poetess©, Angie Boutwell.

Thanks for a Job Well Done

Gwen Steele - VRC, Ladysmith

I want to take a minute to thank you for all your help with this position at the (employer name). I love the environment here and everyone is so nice. Everyone was very helpful with everything. I also want to thank you for the chance to do some on the job training.

Brock Hansen - VRC, Madison
(email received the parent of a consumer)

I just wanted to say Thank You for all you and DVR have done in helping assist Tom while he looked for employment. He feels a new sense of pride having the library. Tom's connection with Work Plus has also worked very well. There is no doubt in my mind that the road to one's recovery is re-engaging in life and working at a job.

Good luck Brock with all your future clients.

Email received by Patti Johnson - copy of an email from an employer (who hired a DVR consumer) to a DVR service provider

Just wanted to say thank you for Brad. He has been doing very well and I get so many compliments about him from the Residents. He is always on time, is very patient with the residents, and always has a smile on his face. So again thank you!!

Karen Lambright - VRC, Madison

Who would have thought that someone on disability income that hadn't worked in decades would be featured on the Madison College (MATC) website? Here's the reason this all happened. Two people named Karen Lambright and Amy Anderson. Karen, you allowed me to have career placement help. For this I am eternally grateful. I was smart enough to pick Career Ladder and blessed to have Amy as my counselor. She gave me the confidence and courage to think big and to understand that I could do this. I am so happy I tried. My life is so much better working, feeling useful to society and contributing to our budget. I couldn't have done it without all the support from DVR, with the alternative treatments, occupational devices, and especially without Amy Anderson. She is a wonderful person not to mention very knowledgeable in her subject matter. She spent many hours with me, I felt sometimes too many just to make sure I was going to make it.

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's New/Updated on the Web

Staff Updates

New Faces/Transfers:

  • Charles Olson, Program Assistant/Advanced - Central Office
  • Brian McCabe, VR Counselor - Milwaukee South
  • Rebeca Argiro, VR Counselor - Wausau
  • Lisa Solberg, VR Counselor - Wisconsin Rapids
  • Maegan Sutton, VR Counselor - Racine (Permanent from Project Position)
  • Michael Schroeder, LTE - Cold Case Unit (Central Office)
  • Cynthia Cain, LTE - Cold Case Unit (Central Office)


  • Charlene Dwyer - Division Administrator
  • Linda Grube, VR Counselor - WDA 4