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DVR Consumer Pursues Graphic/Website Design

Lisa Krosinski is looking forward to growing her graphic and website design business, Questa Designs, where she specializes in graphic design and website development. “My plans for my future are to someday be financially self-sufficient and not have to depend on Social Security (disability benefits).”

When Lisa Krosinski graduated from high school, she didn’t envision her current status as a business owner. She knew she had artistic talent but wasn’t sure how she would be able to use her talents to earn a living. Lisa has muscular dystrophy, a neuromuscular disease that weakens muscles, and the physical demands of her art made it difficult for her to produce her work.

Seven years after graduation, Lisa received a phone call from DVR about her application. The counselor wanted to help Lisa pursue her art career. Lisa said of her first meeting with the counselor, “Little did I know did I know that this meeting would have such a huge impact on my life today!”

With her counselor’s help, she decided to attend UW-La Crosse and graduated from the graphic design program with high honors. “I hadn’t thought about attending college but am so glad I did. I used to do a lot of painting which would tire my muscles but with the computer, I am able to create artwork without having to move and reach so far.”

Lisa moved to Madison soon after graduation and began working with her current DVR counselor, Charlotte Haglin.

“My relationship with my DVR counselor has been great! She has always given me the tools to achieve my goals we set together, and keeps me informed of anything new she thinks will assist me.” Some of the services DVR has provided include tuition assistance, computer equipment and software, job training and benefits analysis. 

Lisa's DVR counselor, Chari Haglin, Madison, said, "Lisa persevered through many obstacles. She was open to new suggestions and eager to challenge herself in new ways. One of the things that makes Lisa so enjoyable to work with is her sense of excitement over new challenges and her gratitude for chances to try new skills. She is also very intent on giving back to her community."

Her involvement with DVR has also provided Lisa with important contacts to develop her business. She works regularly for agencies from which she previously received services.

For Lisa, owning her own business has posed some challenges but she knows she made the choice that will work best for her. “I get to choose the hours I want to work and take as many breaks as I need to. I can ultimately control how big I want my business to get.”

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