National Disability Employment Awareness Month

image:NDEAM 2014 Poster

Held each October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a national campaign that raises awareness about disability employment issues and celebrates the many and varied contributions of America's workers with disabilities. The theme for 2014 is "Expect. Employ. Empower."

image:iPacesetters Award

As part of DVR's National Disability Employment Awareness Month celebration iPacesetters, a call center provider in Monroe, received an Exemplary Employer Award for their recruiting and hiring practices that are inclusive of people with disabilities.

iPacesetters works collaboratively with DVR to fill open positions in their company. They send job openings to DVR, and DVR staff refer qualified candidates for the positions. iPacesetters hires those individuals with a disability that are qualified to the posted jobs.

To learn more about how DVR can help your company recruit and hire qualified job applicants with disabilities, visit the DVR Business Services webpage

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Are you a person with a disability who wants to work? If so, then DVR may be for you. DVR can provide employment and training services to you if you have a disability that makes it hard for you to find or keep a job.

Call (800) 442-3477 to find a DVR office near you. Or visit DVR's Job Seekers webpage to learn more about DVR.

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Recruiting the right employee and retaining existing, well-trained and productive workers has never been more important to Wisconsin business owners than in today's economy. To reach the business and organization success you desire, DVR can assist you to:

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