Wisconsin DVR Policy Q & A


If a student fails or drops out of a class or a semester, what is DVRís policy about paying  to retake the class or paying for a subsequent semester?


 DVR has no policy that prohibits us from paying course costs for a student to retake a class or paying for subsequent semester costs, after a failed semester.  The determination about providing funding should be decided on a case-by-case basis.  The vocational rehabilitation counselor should discuss with the student the reasons the student did not successfully complete the class or the semester.  If the counselor determines the student has good cause, DVR can pay for it again.  Examples of good cause could include not having the necessary accommodations/supports in place, the student being hospitalized for disability issues, serious family problems, etc.  Depending on the reason, it would be important to discuss additional services the student may need and work with the student to develop strategies to prevent a recurrence.  


(Revised: 09//2012)