Wisconsin DVR Policy Q & A


If we make someone presumed eligible, and then we need more than 60 days to do the OOS, do we need an extension on the OOS if it goes beyond the 60 days?


OOS should be completed within 60 days for all individuals. To accomplish that, the following procedures should be used.


SSA consumers:


Complete the OOS using self-report from the consumer, reported information from other sources, counselor observation, and/or existing records.  Self-reported information could be obtained during the meeting with the consumer, from the application, or over the phone. WI VR policy allows the use of consumer self-report for OOS purposes. Other sources could include information on the personís functioning from family members, other professionals, etc. Use information from these sources to place the consumer in at least category 2.  Do not wait for medical records to complete the OOS for category 2 placement.


Self-report from the consumer can also be used to place the consumer in category 1. If the VRC, using professional judgment, determines that the information is accurate, place the consumer in category 1. Do not wait for medical records.  If the self-reported information is questionable, the person should be placed in category 2, additional assessment or records obtained, and the OOS updated based on the obtained information or records.


If only self report was used to place the person in category 1 or 2, obtain medical records to document the disabilities prior to IPE development.  Note: Disability documentation is not required for eligibility purposes for SSA consumers.


Non SSA consumers:


You must have medical documentation of at least one disability to determine eligibility or you may use observation if the impairment is clearly observable (e.g., amputation). Then you can use self report to document (using VRC judgment to determine that self- reported information seems reasonable) additional limitations from other disabilities on the OOS/FAR.  You must obtain medical records as soon as possible to document the additional disabilities.


Please note: The information obtained at this point in the process should only be information needed for eligibility/OOS determination. If additional assessment or information is needed to assist with plan development, that information should be obtained at the time of IPE development.


(Updated: 10/2013)