Wisconsin DVR Q & A


Can DVR pay for purchases or past bills that consumers have incurred that did not have prior DVR authorization?

[Opinion of Policy Analyst]

DVR Policy States:


Purchased Services:All purchased services shall be authorized and case noted in the file prior to the provision of services and according to all legal, state purchasing, DWD, and DVR requirements. The Bureau of Consumer Services Director or DVR Management, as designated by the Administrator, may approve exceptions to the above policy on an individual case basis.


While DVR consumer purchases are exempt from Chapter 16, DVR has elected to follow state purchasing practices whenever possible to ensure proper accounting principles are followed and accountability for funds is maintained.


The Procurement Policy on invoices states: Invoices not associated with a Purchase Order will be returned to the originating field office by Center for Consumer Payments (CCP). The employee or the consumer may be liable for costs unless the division provides justification for the purchase and lack of prior approval.


Included in the Fiscal Practice Manual, for " after-the-fact purchases " , defined as services that DVR staff intended to authorize but for which no DP or PO was developed before the service was provided , approval of the WDA Director is required as delegated by the BCS Director. WDA Directors should enter approvals in a general casenote and indicate in the Comments section of the PO/DP, "See casenote".  


Purchases made by any consumer that DVR did not intend to approve will not be paid by DVR and will remain the responsibility of the consumer who purchased the goods or service (per DVR Deputy Administrator 9-7-2007).


(Updated: 02/2013)