Job Search Resource Guide

Job Development Preparation:

  1. Check wardrobe for appropriate interview and work attire.
  1. Establish and contact references for employment recommendations.
  1. Complete resume development by Spring break or two months prior to graduation. Prepare portfolio with letters of reference, presentations or relevant work, products from field of study that relate to job goal. Fill out sample application with dates of employment, wages, etc.
  1. Identify geographic areas in which consumer is willing to work. Prepare a list of employers in the geographic area who hire candidates from consumer's field of study.
  1. Set up informational interviews with prospective employers.
  1. Develop job search plan and review with DVR staff. Develop system to keep track of you job contacts and follow-up activities. Set a daily and weekly schedule for job search activity. Treat job search as your job until you get a job. Contact school placement office and other resources for job leads. Attend Job Fairs and other contact opportunities. Start Networking! 75% of job opening in the US are not advertised, most employers fill opening by hiring friends, relatives and acquaintances of the people who work for them. Familiarize self with job center resources. Practice follow-up calls to contact employers and others for leads. Develop a general script to use when on the phone.
  1. Develop cover letters.
  1. Practice post interview follow-up calls. Familiarize self with different interview types such as performance interview, behavioral interview, synopsis, role play, STAR (Situation or Task, Action and Result). Participate in mock interview to plan how disability issues may be addressed. Develop list of questions to ask employer at end of interview.
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