Training Grant Updates for 2014-2015

From: Haugh, John - DWD
Sent: Monday, May 5, 2014 8:50 AM

Subject - Training Grant Updates for 2014-2015

Update on the DVR Training Grant:

As you may know DVR has completed a lean efficiency process improvement of the DVR training grant called value stream mapping. As a result of this activity several enhancements to the DVR training grant process were identified. They will be introduced in phases over the next several years and include:

Effective for Fall 2014:

The amount of the DVR training grant will increase to $5000.00 per academic year. The per credit amount will be increased to $160.00.

For the academic school year beginning this fall the training grant calculation process will continue as it has via email from DVR to the financial aid offices. DVR staff can now obtain signatures on the Print Version of the training grant form and complete that section including the school information.

Once the electronic versions of the forms have been populated for the 2014-2015 school year, the training grant can be forwarded for processing to the respective school FAO offices. Notice of those updates will be sent in a separate email. DO NOT SEND TO CCP UNTIL JULY 1.

DVR will be making payments directly to the school in the amount of the calculated training grant. Additional information will be provided to DVR staff and FAO offices with the details on the new payment process in the next several months. Post-Secondary schools (including FA and other bursars/billing offices) will be contacted and provided an opportunity to meet and ask questions about the new process.

Other questions can be directed to Kathleen Enders:

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