Updated Training Grant Payment Information

From: Haugh, John - DWD
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 10:02 AM

Subject - Updated Training Grant Payment Information

The DVR Training Grant (TG) payments will be made differently for this coming semester. Updates to all of the checklists, tools and other guidance have been made to reflect these changes on the Training Grant webpage.

ALL Training Grants will be paid via a purchase order. Public in-state schools will have purchase orders issued AFTER the census date which is usually about 10 days into the semester. Private, Non-FAO and out-of-state schools can have purchase orders issued as soon as the total costs are calculated using related guidance for these programs. Each WDA will have designated and specially-trained experts, and all staff will have the opportunity to join in on the Study Hall topic in August.

Effective Date - July 1, 2014

This Replaces

All previous information provided regarding use of direct payments for post-secondary school via a training grant.

Why is this change being made?

Action Required

All DVR staff should follow the respective payment processes outlined below.

Type of Payment Proof of Payment Schedule Grades Timeframe
Direct to in-state public school via purchase order and immediate payment via CCP School provides via confirmation of TG School provides School provides After census date (usually 10 days into semester)
Direct via purchase order to non-FAO, private or out-of-state schools School provides via invoice Student provides Student provides Upon TG Completion after July 1

Direct Payments for post-secondary training are to be considered only as an exception and with supervisory review. The supervisor must confirm that the school will NOT accept a purchase order. DVR staff must record the date, name and contact information for school personnel in a casenote when a school will NOT accept a PO.

The student must provide proof of payment, schedule and grades for continued support.

NOTE: Cost of Attendance Information is currently available for the Technical College system only. Those TG forms are available. The UW system has had a delay in approval of each campus' cost of attendance budgets. The UW cost of attendance budgets are expected to be made available in the first week of July. Until that time you may use the electronic version of the TG form if you feel it is necessary to begin the process now. It would be best if you could wait until the forms are populated.

Please consult with your WDA Director or VR Supervisor if you have questions related to the payment changes.

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