DWD DET Expenditure Report

Attention: Effective August 22, 2016 the DWD DET Expenditure Report (DER) site will be used for FINAL June 2016 Financial Status Reports (FSRs) only. FINAL June 2016 FSRs need to be submitted no later than August 31, 2016.

Beginning with the July 2016 FSRs, you need to use the COntract Management and Expenditure Tracking (COMET) site located at the following link: http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/comet/

Cash Requests

Expenditure and Matching Reports

Only Financial Status Report (FSR) accrual expenditures, unliquidated obligations, program income, program expenditures, and memo only codes are included on these reports.

  • The WIOA FSR Expenditure lists the FSR expenditures for active grants through the indicated month.
  • The Accrued Expenditures and Unliquidated Obligations tab compares these amounts to the contract amount through the indicated month. If the FSR available balance is negative (except for "memo only" codes), the agency needs to resolve the issue. Total accrued expenditures plus total unliquidated obligations should never exceed the contract amount.

Audit Resources

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