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Quickie Sort & Search Tool Help


  1. Sort on any of the list headings, for example Document Number, Title etc.
  2. Search on Division or Bureau (whatever the option)
  3. Search on Title
  4. Perform refined searches (searching within the results of the previous search) that combine multiple searches
  5. Sort on any search results


  1. Do NOT use the browser’s back button when performing searches. Instead use the programs "Back To Home Page" button or the programs "Search Documents" button to return to the search box
    Use the programs Back to Home Page button or the programs Search Documents button
  2. Only one search item can be specified at a time. A search by Number is one search. A search by Title is one search. If you try to enter multiple search criteria, such as a document number and a title criteria and choose a division you will receive an error alert.

  3. The search looks for "strings" of letters or characters not complete words. A string of letters means the search criteria (string) you enter in one of the search fields must appear together (just like you typed) somewhere in the actual data. This provides lots of flexibility if you are not sure how the data appears in a record. A hint: sometimes less is better.

    (Example: phone will bring back phone and telephone. But telephone will not bring back phone.)
  4. Use the singular versus plural of a word. The singular will bring back both singular and the plural occurrences. Whereas, the plural will only bring back the plural.

    (Example: use business card NOT business cards for your search criteria).
  5. You must RESET in between searches or you will be searching the data returned on the first search.

    (Example: A search on English forms must be RESET before you search again on another language, such as Hmong, or you will be searching for Hmong documents within English documents.)
  6. You can always refine your search results by performing a search on results returned from the previous search (searching a subset of data).

    (Example of a subset search: Search on document number 123 and then return to the search box, DO NOT RESET the search, instead enter the word disability in the title field, click search again. The result is that you have searched document number 123 documents that contain the word "disability" in the title).
  7. To SORT a list of documents, simply click on the column heading that you want to sort the data by.

    (For example, you can sort by division, or title or date etc.)

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